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February 12, 2013

Back To The Chills
Tuesday. Up at eight feeling about the same as I've felt all week. OK. Off to breakfast before nine, back before eleven, unable to eat very much of the breakfast I'd ordered. OK, not much difference in that. To bed again, waking up at three. (That's a little different.)

I have no idea how much longer this will go on. It's not a bad cold. Yes, sometimes I need to put another sweater on to avoid the chills, sometimes there seems to be a light fever, sometimes it breaks. This is now getting into its second week. Every other day I say I feel better, I think it's getting better, but then I'm not sure I've ever quite had anything like this before, although I wouldn't trust my memory about it.

Evening. The Maigret at six starts when the President's State of the Union speech starts and I've seen this particular Maigret before (although, again, I didn't remember who'd done it), so I watched the Maiget.

I follow the news pretty closely and I'll read tomorrow morning's various newspaper analyses with some interest, but I no longer believe anything I hear from the President or any of the other elected members of either party. It's an add dance to music, yes, but not the music that's being played or for the reasons being given.

Still running at the edge of chills coming on: turning off the heat and getting too warm, then turning it on and getting back to the chills again.

The photo up top was taken on the way to lunch yesterday with an 24-120mm f 1.4 G Nikkor lens.