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February 13, 2013

In A Heart Beat
Wednesday. The tenth day into our little flu journey, we have got to be making progress, right?

To bed last night just after eight, perhaps not the best move on my part as I seemed to wake up every hour on the hour all through the night, getting rid of the down jacket around four, awakening with the alarm at six, my t-shirt soaked with sweat. A similar thing with the t-shirt yesterday morning, so not totally surprised, but it's evolving on its own little path and I have no idea where it's going or how long it will take.

Up, without dragging too badly, and off to breakfast getting the waffle with the fruit and a diet Coke, little chance I'd be unable to eat the waffle and fruit, the diet Coke an attempt at something a little different. Back to the apartment to take another nap. Which I did. And now it's eleven in the morning and I'm feeling, well, if not worse, then a little damp. The day ahead.

Later. Off then to lunch counting the fingers and counting the toes to see how things were coming along compared to yesterday's outing. This stumbling along week - am I getting better? am I getting worse? - has been an odd week. As I may have mentioned. Fingers and toes, buttons and bows, at least I've retained my sanity.

Anyway, a walk along the lake to the morning café for a grilled Swiss sandwich, mocha something ice cream and a lemonade. Liked that lemonade with the ice. A nice sit out at a table in the sun watching the people pass by on the sidewalk. Felt good enough, tired, yes, but not too tired, a walk back then to the apartment. So far, so good, we are indeed getting better. A nap to recharge the batteries (to lie down for twenty minutes while listening to the radio).

A note from Mr. G asking how the Dykes on Bikes article (that was due yesterday) was coming. Well, not so well, but I was able to knock out a few pictures this afternoon and I'll take a first whack at the copy this evening. Know the approach I want to take with the piece, so it should go reasonably quickly. I can write coherently when the stars are aligned.

Evening. Another Don Matteo at six, nothing I can watch without damage, the French series (that I've seen before, except for the one last episode in the series which I somehow managed to miss before it started again from the beginning), an odd mix of moralities play, very modern, not done at all badly. I suspect there will be nothing on I'll want to watch later.

So, we'll see. Some congestion in the lungs, there's been some all along, but always in the background and nothing to write home about, the other symptoms have been the big hitters. And that's about it.

Will the lungs now flare up and put us on our back for another week? I hope not. Anyway, to bed early, get up with the alarm for breakfast, hope the body tells me good things in the morning. I'd ask for “wonderful”, but we'll now settle good in a heart beat.

The photo up top was taken on Lake Merritt on the way to lunch today with an 24-120mm f 1.4 G Nikkor lens.