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February 10, 2019


Sunday. Lights out and to sleep after nine, but awakening for over an hour around midnight and then sleeping in until seven, a good forty minutes late. OK, up, skip shaving and making the bed in getting ready to head out to breakfast, the streets and sidewalk wet from last night's rain, but clear now as we set out this morning.

The avocado and cheese omelet, country potatoes, toast and coffee for breakfast, getting well into the Sunday papers and not finishing until after nine-thirty. Debated going by the supermarket for all of ten seconds before crapping out, saying I'd go the next time I drive when it rains, probably this coming Wednesday.

I've been thinking lately that things seem to be perking up, the ocular migraines gone now for some time, the energy better, although still putting off the easiest of tasks along with this recent improvement.

You haven't done anything about that glucose test though.

OK. Today. It will happen. A better sign of progress would be to see more time being spent writing and editing this. Always shocks me in the mornings when I look at what I'd written (and missed) writing it the day before. Why spend an hour or more every day cranking out babble?

When you could be watching television or more crap on the tablet?

A little frightening when you put it like that.

Later. A walk to the Lakeshore ATM. Cold outside and so a brisk walk to and back, going by the barber shop on Grand to make an appointment for next week, but finding it closed. OK, on home, no sign of recent vision issues, tiredness or anything else more than the usual sinus-upper palate problems. Maybe things are getting better.

Noticed there was a Lunar New Year celebration at the Chinese Cultural Center entered on the kitchen calendar. From eleven to three, still more than two hours left to photograph it if I set out now, the weather people saying little chance of rain until next Wednesday when another storm is due. No desire to go, not sure why, other than maybe I'd just returned from a decent walk.

OK, ran the test and the blood glucose level came in at 100. They say the normal range is between 70 and 130, but we'll test more over these coming days to be sure we haven't screwed up the readings as 100, sitting at the exact middle of the range, is suspicious. But good, we've started, we'll soon know more .

Later still. Another glucose test, after making further adjustments to the meter, coming in at 85. Considered good for an afternoon reading when you haven't eaten for at least two hours before testing, the normal range again between 70 and 130. Still not totally convinced I have the meter set up properly, but that will work itself out as I become more confident I've covered all the bases. Getting the blood in with this particular unit is the easy part, I don't remember going through all this with the first meter I used two years ago.

Checked the East Bay News web site and it lists the Venezuela demonstration taking place today at one this afternoon and not yesterday as I'd noted on my kitchen calendar. Another memory glitch? I could have easily walked over to the lake if I'd known and taken photographs. You think your head is coming up for air one day and find out it's under water the next. Did they reschedule it after I'd noted it on the calendar? I wouldn't bet on it.

Evening. Watched golf through the afternoon, didn't touch the tablet, perhaps because I wasn't particularly tired and lying down didn't appeal. A benefit in sleeping in for that extra hour? Maybe, but don't want to do it again tomorrow.

The 2017 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade taken with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.