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January 24, 2010

And Babbling
Sunday. A good night last night up in Santa Rosa at the Black Rose where Mr. S's band was playing. I should have brought a second camera with a long lens, but I got one or two pictures they may like. I might actually produce some decent photographs if I shoot enough of these and find a way to get the photographer and his camera straightened out. And the lighting right.

An overcast morning, no rain, breakfast at the usual place reading the papers, home now feeling pretty good. I had all of two glasses of beer last night, one Guinness (not good Guinness), one Harp Lager (decent) in addition to dinner. Not really hungry, but I ate anyway. One does these things. It's in the genes. Anyway, the mood is good, the attitude better, although I have no idea what to do with the day ahead, and I appear to be looking forward to the rest of January. How icky is that? Pretty icky for a hip dude who lives in Oakland, I would think.

The photograph up top was taken at a new book publishing party in September of 2006, shot with the D2X in what for it was very low light (a 1/2 second shutter speed means you'd better have your elbows firmly planted on the table). Not a great shot as Wilson doesn't encourage photographs, so nothing much came of it, but I was going through old photos, saw this one, liked it, made a jpeg for display here and then realized who it was. Had I remembered, I'd have asked myself is it a good print or is it a less than interesting photo but I'm choosing it because it's a photo of a friend who's reasonably well known (in my circles, anyway). Good I'd chosen it without knowing at the time. I don't exploit friends unless they're cool with it. Well, actually I do, but with great trepidation. One does like having friends, after all, in these times of turmoil.

Later. It's after noon thinking I'd go for a walk, got the jacket on, put the phone in the shirt pocket, grabbed the reading glasses, just in case, put another lens on the new camera still set to shoot pictures in the club last night testing it with a quick shot of the cat, the interesting thing about the shot being the camera saw more in the picture than I was able to see through the rangefinder. Ms. Emmy was pretty much a black form, the camera saw much more. Technology is a trip.

So what to do? Still projects sitting about the place looking lonely, ready to be resumed, we'll think about that. The rain will (probably) stop later, for a while at least, and I'll be able to get out of the apartment, but it might not. As I said, two glasses of beer last night aren't enough to influence the day after, nothing stopping me there. A run to the supermarket? Maybe. Nothing I need I couldn't as easily get tomorrow. Or the day after. More DVD's? More backups? Do another month's backups to see, keep making progress? I could do that.

Later still. A short walk thinking what's open around here that serves something I'd be willing to eat? Many restaurants are closed on Sundays around here, particularly downtown (when is the next bus?) and I finally decided, after taking a desultory picture of two, to can it and return to the apartment. OK, an overcast day, a Sunday, not unusual in this life. Again, things to do, a nap, maybe, if I think about it. I worked on some of the photographs I took at the club last night after getting home and didn't get to bed until after midnight, up before eight, that's not enough sleep. I don't think.

Nothing on TV. Nothing I know of on radio. I have a movie I started a couple of nights ago, a good movie from the look of it, but good, well made, intelligent, doesn't mean I'll watch it. Not sure why. I'm sensitive to things, or more precisely, more sensitive to things I've been sensitive to, aware of anyway, in the past and sometimes I'll just say the hell with it, they're doing a great job getting the point across, but I'm not going with it. Different days, these days of being older. I'm well on my way to the cartoon version of a doddering old guy on his way to an old folks home.

Do you really believe that?

No. Stuff's happening you've always heard about - interests changing, body changing, memory, um, “changing” - and doddering's one way to put it across, but it's interesting, for all that. And interesting has always been right up there with good on my list. Interesting will keep me around, amused and babbling. Life is not altogether terrible when it keeps you comfortably rooted, amused and babbling (with camera in hand).

The photograph was taken at a book publishing party in San Francisco in September 2006 with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 17 - 55mm f 2.8 Nikkor DX lens at f 2.8 at 1/2 second, ISO 640.