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January 25, 2010

More Coming
Monday. Rain this morning, after a good long night's sleep. I decided, after my sojourn to Santa Rosa to see the band Saturday night, to turn in early and sleep with one or two brief breaks to wake up, turn over, and pat the cat; well, move the cat so I could turn over without cat mishap. For whatever condition I'm in this morning that can't have hurt, getting all that sleep, right? Anyway, rain, a run by the supermarket to pick up a kitty litter scoop, the rain and resultant litter mud having caused me to break the old one, my small supermarket not having them in stock. A run later to a pet store, I think. The lack of a litter scoop becomes more important as the days go by. Pretty heavy lifting for a Monday, don't you think?

This is your idea of something to talk about?

Hell, why not? Whatever the reason - sleep, improving health, self delusion - I'm looking around the apartment and thinking this isn't such a bad place to live, if you'd make some minor improvements, get rid of some (probably all of the) furniture, replace it with new stuff. Doesn't have to be brand new stuff, but good stuff. What's required isn't the issue, you know what's required in your own apartment. You know not only what's required, but have a clear idea of how long it would take, how hard it would be, to accomplish. The embarrassment is in how short the time, how easy the task. But we've gone on about this before in greater detail, the minutia of bringing up a journal keeping layabout.

Later. Close to an hour's walk over to Broadway and a pet store specializing in fish and birds and hamsters and such, but carrying a line of cat food and peripherals (cat peripherals?) where I bought a litter scoop (plastic, reasonably durable). A good excuse for a walk, the sky just on the edge of rain, a spot on the way where I stood briefly in a covered bus stop kiosk to avoid some drops, but otherwise dry and effortless. I carry a supermarket plastic bag in my back pocket for the camera should I get caught in a squall. You learn these things over time. Best to go forth with a first aid kit. Even I learn with experience.

I noticed the independent gas station across from my Seven-Eleven look alike has been bought in the last week (why didn't I notice this sooner?) by Chevron or the owner has converted his independent operation to a Chevron franchise. Independents have never been happy with the majors in California and Chevron, in California, is the major of majors. I have no idea what transaction was involved, good or bad, but I suspect it was the economy that drove the decision. Lots of people on the edge, lots of small businesses like this going under. I'm not sure California or the world is any safer because Chevron has picked up another outlet.

Later still. OK, good for me. Another dozen or so DVD's burned and printed with images, 2009 now complete. Interesting to see how few pictures I took in January through April, how many more I've been taking since. I'm happy with that.

The day is still overcast with occasional rain. They're saying more coming throughout the week. Such is life.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum Mochi Ceremony with a Nikon D3S mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens at f 3.2 at 1/100th second, ISO 3200.