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January 27, 2010

Undoubtedly Raining
Wednesday. A bit of a head's up last night, as I think I took a double dose of Niaspan (used in lowering your cholesterol) and suffered the side effects. I've done it before, not very often, but the side effects involve a red rash on the face, upper body and arms along with a quite uncomfortable pin prickling sensation that can last for hours. What makes me pause is I can't remember if I really did take a double dose, one at six in the evening after having dinner (I don't usually have dinner, but I was hungry last night) and one a couple of hours earlier. I normally take it around dinner time, six, particularly if I'm eating as eating lessens the chances of these symptoms, and taking it in the evening allows it to run its course while you're asleep. It kicks up on the single dose, but not very often. I find, again sometimes, drinking coffee in the mornings will bring these side effects on when there was no reaction the night before.

Again, the aspect that gives me pause is I can't remember taking but the one dose around six in the evening after eating some Chinese food. Is my memory getting that bad? I find I'll forget why I got up and walked to another room to do this or that, think about it for a minute, and have the reason come back, but screwing up your meds is not a good sign. I'll figure out a simple way to flag the fact I've taken this or taken that, we'll not do it again, but I have been noticing a certain memory backslide and my joking about being a decrepit old fart starts to get real.

Other than that, the sinus-head thing was pretty grim when I awoke, had been the night through. Had a good night's sleep otherwise, plenty of hours anyway, but it didn't go away until I'd gotten up, taken the various meds associated with it and gone to breakfast. Sitting here after breakfast, after the papers, after running by the supermarket for orange juice and cat food, I'm feeling reasonably well. No complaints. But the memory thing - I've had little incidents in the past lasting a month or three and then had it gotten better, so maybe this isn't a sign of a rapidly decreasing descent into, well, whatever - but we'll watch and learn.

Quite a bit of progress, happily made, in backing up image files, resizing and PhotoShop adjusting a few for artandlife during the day and into the evening. I'm interested in seeing if I can make similar progress today. It's slow, it isn't something you finish in a week or even a month, but progress was made and I do have time now. So for all of that I'm happy enough. And the Niaspan, maybe a fluke, a single dose gone ballistic when it encountered glazed walnuts and shrimp, which it can do, and life is really swell underneath the fireworks. Why not? “Upbeat” is a veritable industry out there, people giving seminars. Life is throwing you curves? Be upbeat! Have faith! Eat a peach! Eat a plum! All will be well!

That's enough. We don't want to let this drift into the Icky. Not on a Wednesday morning.

True. The day has turned the corner, we'll see what the afternoon may hold. A picture or two? I would hope.

Later. Some futzing around upgrading more pictures and then a nap. I guess I didn't get all that much sleep last night, but a nap hit the spot. It's afternoon, the sun is out, I'm thinking, now that I've received the Fed Ex package that was due today (another piece of equipment in the framing kit I ordered - now only two additional pieces still to come) I'll finish the nap and then take my walk. Innovative, don't you think?

Later still. Another nap and now it's five. Whatever today was about, whatever may be demanding the naps is, at least, only demanding that. Naps. No complaints. Maybe the motor will turn itself on again tomorrow, when it's undoubtedly raining.

The photograph was taken at the Pladdohg performance at the Black Rose Pub in Santa Rosa Saturday night with a Nikon D3S mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at f 2.8 at 1/30th second, ISO 4000.