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January 28, 2010

Luck Tomorrow
Thursday. I seem to recall everyone was pretty blitzed at the family party on Bainbridge Island across the bay from Seattle that summer of 2005. Then again, when you're blitzed, how can your really tell? I was a lot heavier then than I am now, but I'd be curious to know how much. A photographer who runs pictures of others shouldn't be too sensitive about photographs others may take of him (with his own camera). And the self portraits I've been taking this year all show me as a rather serious dude. I am a serious dude, but I've been known to loosen up when the moment is appropriate. And sometimes when it's not so appropriate.

The sun is out and I'm sitting here after breakfast and the papers, but getting up was no fun, the sinus-head thing seems to get worse when I'm sleeping, why I'm not sure. Takes an hour or so after waking to pull it all together and this morning I'm not sure I've quite yet pulled it off. Maybe a cold coming on? No problem with a Niaspan rash yesterday evening or this morning, so I suspect I did make a mistake and take a double dose late Tuesday afternoon and, well, I can rattle on with this, better I take a nap. At least we can dispense with a nauseating litany of “goods” this morning.

Later. Well, maybe another day of sloth and naps. The head feels fine now, the various this and that's feel fine, but boy am I tired. Who knows why? A hesitant walk outside, heading down the sidewalk along Grand, thinking, where do I want to go? I could double back and hit the ATM, see how I felt when I'd gotten there. What I did was cross Grand and sit on a bench by the lake, watching the various ducks as they floated in repose. I too was floating in repose, so I was quite comfortable with the motionless birds silhouetted against the lake, a fleet of ducks bobbing along with me in the water. Ten minutes was enough, back here now, another nap, I think, to see what this day is about.

Later still. A nap, maybe better described as a period in bed where I zoned out for a while, I'm not sure you'd call it sleep, but I'm up, I'm feeling better. A function of age? I keep asking that. I did try an off the wall picture or two as I was heading for the lake. The tree stump needs more work in PhotoShop, better contrast, maybe a naked lady bug or two. Trying to see differently. Trying to shoot images, although hardly new in the world, that are somewhat different, different and for whatever reason appealing to me. An interesting progression.

Latest. I did walk down to the ATM and then walked on to have a grilled cheese sandwich and potato salad for lunch outside at a table at the usual café before getting on a bus and returning home. So much for getting in my walk for the day, walks to the ATM and buses don't count. I feel fine after all the bitching earlier, a bit stoned without having taken any of the things that get you stoned, tired, but clear headed and in a reasonable mood. We'll write this day off to the fates, to naps, to sloth and feeling tired. Better than pain and sorrow. Better luck tomorrow.

The photograph was taken at a family party in 2005 with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 17 - 55mm f 2.8 Nikkor DX lens at f 4 at 1/2000th second, ISO 100.