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January 23, 2013

Don't Seem To Stop!
Wednesday. Cross our fingers, cross our toes, another morning, we'll see how it goes. After a pretty good night's sleep. After getting up at six-thirty and heading out and back from breakfast feeling pretty good, keeping an eye out for any fuzzy thoughts and memory lapses. Well, memory lapses. We're not yet bitching about memory lapses. So far, when they go, they seem to come back soon enough, and even then there's Google.

Overcast this morning, cold, but not the real cold you get with a clear sky where the heat radiates away into the night. So good. Isn't quite dark enough for rain (they're saying a 60% chance), so we'll get out soon and find some pictures. I took few yesterday, although the mood was good and the eye was looking, but we really do need some today. Nothing to shake the world, just a picture or two. You understand. I find them useful to my well being.

Later. Some slight rain, a drop or two, while waiting on the bus, a ride to the ATM and then a walk on to the City Center, stopping for coffee and a raspberry cookie in the Rotunda building. I'd checked my phone when starting out and saw my barber had called yesterday and left a message, but no answer at her shop, so I left a message.

On then under a “going to rain at any moment” sky to Washington Street to pick up a half sandwich and another almond biscotti at Ratto's to take home on the bus, catching the bus with a minute to spare on 10th. All pretty exciting stuff.

Home now with but two pictures in the camera, but enough to scrape by. It's noon, maybe we'll head out later, maybe we won't, but there's guitar to practice and news programs to watch.

And what is it you watch for on the news?

Well, if the asteroid is arriving in the afternoon and if Christ is about to rise are two of the big ones. They often mention other things about the economy, foreign wars and such, but they don't have the heft and flavor of a good end of the world announcement (with a recap at ten). The news and, of course, my subtitled police procedurals at six.

Later still. An hour of dry mouth and such, maybe a bit of the fuzzy headed stuff, but not enough to say for sure, all of it winding up after lying down for the hour in the bedroom while listening to the radio.

OK. We had the waffle and fruit for breakfast, had a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich (half sandwich) for lunch, the cheese the only thing on the to be avoided list, another almond biscotti (again quite good) and coffee. Noted. We'll compare foods and naps again tomorrow.

Evening. I'd forgotten we'd rescheduled the guitar lesson from Friday to tomorrow morning, so we'll push practice a little further. Feel good, the finger picking riff is pretty solid, although the finger tips on both hands are now less subtle in suggesting we've had enough for one session.

Another Don Matteo episode at six, so we're giving it a bye. We'll see what comes up later around eight and nine, get to bed early maybe, keep at it, make early to bed a habit. No sake and early to bed, early to rise! What's happening around here!!? The banality meter is quaking in the corner and the words don't seem to stop!

The photo up top was taken this morning walking through Frank Ogawa Plaza near 14th and Broadway with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 G Nikkor lens.