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Here In Oakland

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January 24, 2013

Has It's Advantages
Thursday. To bed at nine, some reading, to sleep after ten, up at six. Not bad, a schedule I could live with, maybe add the odd nap if the hours need adjustment, keep the head clear and the attitude light.

It's been raining overnight and it's overcast, looks like rain, but they were saying sun later. I was thinking, as I was walking to the car after breakfast, even with the dark gloomy looking morning, there were pictures to take. Not the usual dry running on empty little slogan you get when the attitude is flat, but more a “hey”, there really are photographs out there for the taking, not quite sure what or where they are, but I'm up for the journey.

Now you'd think, another mind stuck on dumb, too early to be attempting any thought, another set of silly little picture conceits, but whatever kernel lies there is real and I'm looking forward to what follows: today, tomorrow, the coming spring and summer. Hup! A long way around maybe to say the day has begun and I'm beginning to babble. I'd punctuate the end of that sentence with an exclamation point, but even I can only go so far (without embarrassment).

Your foot is tapping.

Why yes, it is.

The guitar lesson coming up this morning at 11:00, so one short look before heading out. I should have changed the guitar strings earlier, but we'll get to them and change out the batteries, well, we'll get to them when one breaks and a battery and there's no escape.

Later. I'd say a good lesson. Arrived early, as I always do, and found available parking spaces scattered all over the place along the streets. Pulled into one, parked, saw another up ahead, pulled into that, saw still another and (good grief!) then another right out in front of his house. A good sign (if I were looking for signs). You might think.

Went right through the finger picking exercise, not as good as I would have liked, but way better than I managed last week, so we're on to the next lesson. More finger picking, but a simple song this time, something to get my head around if I can keep the fingers in their place. Places. Playing the guitar I've found to be complicated.

Later still. Still quite overcast, but a bus all the way to Old Oakland this time, skipping the City Center and walking by the old Pacific Coast Brewing Co., a once favored pub we were all at APL, Mr. D hailing me from the front door. My, my. Anyway, a lemonade at the bar (you thought I wasn't serious about this no alcohol business?) to catch up on recent happenings, he waiting on Ms. Y to join him for lunch, I heading on through the Old Town to continue my walk.

Anyway, through the Asian Cultural Center, no ice cream this time, on back along Broadway to take a picture or two, the head clear when I started out, unusually clear I was thinking, feeling a bit not funky, but slower as the walk was wearing on. Still, nothing like the funky headed stuff, maybe experiencing more of the sinus problems as I was walking, but nothing out of the park. I'm watching it all like a hawk, much too close to be objective, but otherwise, I walked along to Grand before sitting at the stop to wait on the bus.

Rode all the way to the morning café (where else?), had an apple turnover, ice cream and coffee out on the patio, the day still dark, the sky overcast, but not overly cold. A walk then back to the apartment thinking we'll pick up the guitar, start early, start afresh. Just thinking, mind you, I'm not sure it's going to happen right away. Being early. Although the new assignment looks promising. (Hup?)

Evening. Ah, yes: Fat Friends. We are not able to watch the made in England Fat Friends so we'll plink along on the guitar and otherwise find ways to waste away an early evening. There are many ways one can waste away an early evening.

Being clearer headed this day I thought to check the CBS site and saw the next new chapter of Elementary wasn't due to run until next week, a rerun scheduled this evening, so there's no need to stay awake. I remember now: this old and almost forgotten clearer headed state has its advantages.

The photo up top was taken this morning walking to my guitar lesson with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 G Nikkor lens.