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Here In Oakland

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January 8, 2016


Friday. To bed at eleven to slide, grudgingly, into an uneven night's sleep, awakening finally and for the last time at six. OK, no complaints, feel wide awake in any case, so a drive rather than walk (it was dark and I didn't put of a fight) to breakfast, filling the tank with gas on the way home. How long has it been since I've had to buy gas? A long time, let me tell you.

Are we bragging, feeling smug or what?

I'm commenting on the length of my commute and the lack of enough driving otherwise to even keep the battery charged.

Overcast. They're saying rain later tonight through tomorrow, sun on Sunday, but who knows if they have the timing right. Either way - up, down, or around - we have rain on the way, El Niño rain, and we hope it doesn't stop. We've had double a normal season's rain in past El Niño events and we need that much again, but not all at once.

Later. As said, overcast, but dry and so a bus downtown to Latham Square to take a set of pictures, workmen on site this time. Oh, and for the first time, a work woman in evidence. There may have been others active in the past, but this is the first I've found.

Took the pictures and then walked over to the bus stop on the other side of Broadway in time to catch the bus on its return trip some minutes before it arrived, off at the apartment house construction site to have an apple fritter and coffee before taking another set of pictures there. Probably could have skipped that apple fritter as it's been sitting in my stomach and trying to strike up a conversation.

Fine, process the photographs while listening to the news, maybe look to putting together another web section later for both of the construction sites. The temperature, in the mid fifties, is about what it was yesterday when I was feeling the cold, not sure why I haven't felt it in the same way today. No complaints, just noting. Maybe it is indeed warmer and I'm wrong there's really a difference.

Evening. More time watching a couple of things on the tablet, both television series that have been available for a while I've been assuming weren't worth the effort until I actually tried them. My, my. Happens and, as often as not, I get into the episodes and they peter out - the characters, the story line or at least I peter out - and so I stop watching. But I'm not there with either these new ones yet.

Watched a New Tricks on television at seven I haven't seen before, evidently the start of a new season. Kept me watching, at least. Started the Detective Gently that followed, but no surprise that I soon crapped out.

I've often wondered it there wasn't a long list of psychological problems you could identify in a person if you had the right way to look at the programs they liked and the programs they didn't, if you couldn't cut right to the core of a person's phobias and stumbling blocks with the right tool using that approach.

The photo up top was taken at bus stop bench today on Grand with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.