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January 9, 2016

Gone Well

Saturday. I did get to bed with lights out last night before ten, but seem to have slept right through until six-thirty, none of the uneven night and awakening too early stuff. For this we are appreciative. Rain, last night, but not raining as I drove to breakfast, raining a bit as I drove home. All this driving. I'm worrying less about the battery running down and the car not starting. Starts like a shot. That's when it nails you, of course, once its pulled the wool over your eyes.

Later. Got home from breakfast feeling a bit buzzed and so looked over yesterday's entry before giving up and crawling back into bed, one of the sparkly things forming when I closed my eyes. No other symptoms I've come to associate with the ocular migraines, but obviously feeling slow and funky and not functioning on all cylinders. Awakened at noon. Better.

Have no idea what caused all that and so a walk to the café by the fitness club, the sky rain grey with some very slight mist like rain falling, not enough to get you wet, not enough to think about covering the camera. A bagel with cream cheese and coffee before walking back to the apartment. More a tired start to a day, rather than an off the wall start to a day, although sometimes it's hard to tell the two apart.

They're saying dribs and drabs of rain through the coming week, so we'll have to find ways to keep ourself amused here inside. I don't think television and tablet will cover it.

Later still. A playoff game, the Bengals versus the Steelers, so followed along as I switched back and forth to other channels during the commercials. Could have been any two teams playing, wouldn't have mattered much to me since I've not followed any of the games. Still, football, one can watch pretty much any team play with some interest.

Doesn't sound like a whole lot of excitement.

Better than what I'd been able to find on the tablet and television was a never ending desert. Not dessert: desert. I'm afraid.

Your fault. Only you can find and do something else.

Just, you know, mentioning.

Babbling is more like it.

Evening. OK, that football game. Have never really seen one like it, the way it ended, individual players going off and causing penalties that gave the game to the opposing team. Quite a last quarter.

Otherwise a decent evening. Nothing I wanted to continue watching on the tablet, nothing on television, although I did switch between some of the detective programs I occasionally am able to watch. Most of the many CSI series they seem to run night and day give me the creeps (how many plots can you fill with serial killers, rapists and malcontents before your head falls off?) and so to bed and lights out by ten after a day that's gone, all in all, reasonably well.

The photo up top was taken this day in 2012 with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.