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January 10, 2016

To Sleep

Sunday. Slept straight through until six-thirty, don't even remember awakening in the night, even for a minute, although I suspect I could easily be wrong about that. Selective memory (or something else).

Anyway, up, still dark, a drive to breakfast on a clear morning, no sign of rain last night. They're saying rain later this evening, but for now a bright sun driving home from breakfast.

Reasonably clear headed, took a look at yesterday's entry before posting (having to look for pictures taken in prior years to include in the posting) but then didn't lie down to attempt a nap. Wide awake. My, my. Maybe do something later like drive to the Jack London Square, pick up a dish towel to replace the one that's falling apart in the kitchen, something I've been thinking of using now for some time as an excuse to get me out of the house. We keep a mental list of these to bring forth in making our case for escape.

“Reasonably clear headed” doesn't sound so clear headed after that.

Later. A walk to the lake, the air cold, lots of people running and walking, but none of the exercise groups congregating nearby. Took one or two half hearted pictures, but then returned to the apartment to take a bath. Wonder if there's a football game later.

I would suspect.

OK, later, a walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar, Doritos and bean dip. Why I've been thinking of Doritos and bean dip for most of the morning I can't say. I get them now and again, comfort food, today maybe because of the light breakfast, the plain waffle with fruit and coffee, the weight running for some time now at one fifty-three.

You use that as an excuse?

You try whatever arguments might work. Doritos and bean dip has a mind of their own and my opinion doesn't usually have any effect.

The Green Bay Packers and the Washington Redskins playoff has started. The rest of the afternoon is settled now I'd guess.

Evening. Watched the game. Mostly. Flicked to other channels during the commercials looking for other fare. Without much success. Wanted to stay up for the Frontline special on Benjamin Netanyahu at nine and so watched it for maybe ten minutes before heading to bed. Tired, the brain a bit scrambled. A brain “a bit scrambled” lends itself to more easily in getting to sleep.

The photo up top was taken at Federal Building in downtown Oakland in February, 2014, with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.