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Here In Oakland

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January 11, 2016

In Order

Monday. And indeed right to sleep last night, early enough to then awaken before six, not good if you're thinking of walking rather than driving to breakfast, as I'd been thinking, the forecast saying it would be raining this morning, but thinking I'd walk if it wasn't. Hi, ho, off to breakfast we go. In the car.

Listening to Democracy Now on the radio as I was driving, the program, in a break, playing a cut from Bowie's newly released album and then, at the end, announcing he'd died at the age of sixty-nine. Not a happy thing to hear over the radio, I'd have to say, (or in any other way) on an early morning.

Ms. C said her song, the song she related to, was Bowie's Lady of Another Grinning Soul and I began referring to her now and again as Ms. Stardust. This from the all the times we spent together listening to music well into the night, Mr. Bowie a part of that music and that special time. Odd that the thought that brings me sadness is not that I might not see her again, but that she's not out there somewhere alive, living, and that she'd been taken so soon. But then, but then....

So another morning, overcast, rain on the way they're saying, Mr. Bowie no longer with us, Ms. C no longer with us except in heart and mind. Nice memories, even of those times I behaved like an idiot, but then perhaps we all have our idiot side.

Later. The forecast is now saying a chance of rain Tuesday night, lasting on through Wednesday and then starting again on Friday, but none for now. OK, I can go with that.

Cold earlier, but out the door in the afternoon, the temperature now reasonably decent, close to sixty (while dressed for the cold, of course), a walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar, no inspiration there, just a reason to get outside for a (short) walk. A picture passing the apartment house construction site, but that was it for today's excitement.

Haven't played any of the old music yet as the day has seen sadness welling up with memories of people stirred by Bowie's death. Ah, well. We'll put it aside by the time the day is out. I hope. There's quite a bit of the old music I realize I don't play anymore because of the memories it stirs than anything else. I'm assuming I'm not the only one who goes through this after spending a certain amount of time on the planet.

Evening. A funky sort of an evening, more for the cheese omelet this morning and the chocolate dipped ice cream bar, but that's generally good for getting to sleep later. Checked out Charlie Rose just as it was over and discovered he'd been running a twenty year old interview with David Bowie, maybe check it out later tomorrow during the day when they repeat the program. Otherwise back to bed and the tablet, nothing on the tablet, and so, one might say, the world remains in order.

The photo up top was taken at Federal Building in downtown Oakland in February, 2014, with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.