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Here In Oakland

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January 30, 2016


Saturday. Lights out by ten to enter what seems to have been a reasonably uneventful night, although awakening before six, wide awake before six, to get up and head out the door to walk to breakfast while it was still quite dark. Not counting all the street lights. The streets were wet, but no sign of rain, a nice, easy walk to breakfast and back, the sun now shining as I write.

I need to pick up a prescription refill, so a bus downtown and maybe something for lunch later at the City Center. I don't get downtown nearly as often as I once did and suspect, the way the head is going, I won't start up again any time soon. Changes. Disconcerting.

You're not going to moan and groan about the quality of yesterday's entry?

Even I am tired of that. We've fallen down to a doofus level here, best to just learn to live with it and not utter another word.

Later. A ten o'clock bus downtown to pick up the prescription refill that ended up leaving enough time before the return bus was due to walk up Broadway and take a quick set of pictures of the Latham Square project. But two workers on site along with a vehicle sitting parked on Telegraph that required a photograph.

The bus then back to the 7-11 look-alike thinking box of Good & Plenty, but skipping an ice cream bar. They were out of Good & Plenty and I did skip the ice cream bar.

Nice day, warm, sun. I've been thinking of going to a movie (when's the last time I've gone to a movie? a year? two years?), but will probably skip it in favor of a grilled chicken sandwich from the burger drive-in and maybe an attempt at some housework. Odd thought, but I may actually get off my ass, follow through, and do it.

Later still. Warm, sun, some white clouds, but otherwise a nice afternoon and so we're sitting here watching television. And doing a little housework, starting with buffing the shoes and digging out the vacuum cleaner, sorting through old magazines and putting the music CD's into some semblance of order. OK, I'm kidding about the CD's, but I need as many of these tasks as I can find to justify not going out, not even for that chicken sandwich.

Watched the Iowa primary poll results announcement on the Bloomberg site at three forty-five. I've been fascinated watching how this election is splitting the parties, the pundits, the voters, me and everyone else who may have a horse in this race and I'm guessing we'll never know more than about half of what's been driving this thing until the election and only then because people will look back and invent a set of definitive stories, each and every one different.

Evening. The PBS Saturday night movie is Moonstruck, a movie I saw and enjoyed when it was released, but suspect I won't watch it tonight, although I don't really remember (sitting here now) the story line in any detail. My not remembering television programs I've seen as recently as in the last year evidently follows through with movies.

For some reason I hadn't been thinking of the 50th Anniversary Super Bowl opening they were having today in San Francisco, blocking off the area around Embarcadero at the Ferry building, as an opportunity for pictures. Silly me. For someone who consumes a lot of news, I find I'm learning about this kind of stuff after the fact, often as not through Twitter.

The photo up top was taken at the March For Bernie gathering at Lake Merritt last Saturday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.