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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


January 12, 2020


Sunday. To sleep relatively early to awaken at ten minutes to six, take the blood pressure (125/79) and set out to drive to breakfast, arriving again before the first waitresses arrived and so through the dining area door to turn on the lights and settle in with the papers.

The two strips of bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, looking up to see a man standing at the entrance to the dining area taking my picture with a large DSLR camera or, if not my picture, then a picture of the room, his image a little fuzzy through my reading glasses.

Took off the glasses to recognize Mr. S from the old APL days who every now and again notes my Honda Element parked outside the restaurant as he is driving by and drops in to say hello and trade camera stories. As he'd did today. So good, we talked camera gear and pictures.

Finished up after nine and set out for the car to drive straight home, take the selfie and maybe head over to the Oakland Lunar New Year Bazaar later for another crack at taking pictures, not believing a word of it, of course. Then again....

Later. Then again a walk to the Lakeshore ATM and back to at least get in a decent walk, just decided to get up from the chair and head out to the ATM and back on automatic pilot, taking a store window picture on the way.

Watched the Chiefs-Texans game on television. Not really familiar with either team, but a really off the wall game with the Chiefs coming back after being blown out during the first quarter and winning big time.

A walk up to the construction site just up from the apartment to take a series of pictures, having wondered yesterday morning, when I was returning from breakfast, what they were up to when I noticed a cement truck in place on the street beside it with a crew pumping cement. They haven't worked on weekends in the past and so pictures.

Evening. Watched the Seahawks-Packers game to wind up my evening, heading to bed before eight with lights out by nine. Long day, good night.

The photograph was taken at the #RedForEd Teachers Strike demonstration in January 2019 at the Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.