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Here In Oakland

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July 1, 2013

Right To Sleep
Monday. Probably best just to drop it. There was an Inspector Lewis last night that started at nine, so to bed at ten-thirty, getting up a quarter after six well after the alarm and heading out to breakfast. The traffic seemed light for some reason, only later remembering this day was the deadline for the BART strike. Did they strike? Seems they did, listening to the radio coming back, so local traffic doesn't seem to have acted in a way I would have expected. Not that I know how it might react.

A good time to be retired?

Oh, probably. At least I wasn't commuting on BART when I was employed. More photographs for the rest of the morning, of course, we've only made a start in preparing them for artandlife.

Later. The morning in Photoshop, finally finishing the selection and adjustment of the pictures by mid-afternoon. Five sections, although I haven't put them in their order yet and I'm having second thoughts about the lighting. Have I made them too muddy? Can they be made lighter? They were taken in the shade, no direct sun for other than a few, but maybe I'd best look at them on another computer screen or an iPad. Hmm. When's the last time I calibrated this monitor?

Maybe it's the eyes?

Hard to recalibrate the eyes, hard enough to recalibrate the brain.

I've decided to stop where I am and spend the rest of the day with the guitar and watching/doing the usual things through the evening. You can only go so long adjusting pictures before you brain melts (and your pictures start to look muddy) so we'll save the brain and finish them tomorrow. End of the day tomorrow. Or - what the hell? - later still. Sometimes sensibility is the way.

Evening. Nothing to watch on television, so I played with more pictures and started on the guitar. Barre chords. They sound good when they're well struck, which I'm able to do more often as time goes by. My, my.

Getting on toward nine. We'll see if there's anything on at nine and, if not, get to bed and get to sleep. No urges to take a nap today, seemingly no need, but I'm willing to bet if I get to bed early, I'll fall right to sleep.

The photo up top was taken of the Dykes on Bikes yesterday at the San Francisco LGBT Pride parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.