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July 3, 2013

Curious To See
Wednesday. To bed early, awake and up just before the alarm on what looks as if it will be another warm and sunny day. Overly warm and sunny, but not so much as to cause grief (and bitching by your humble servant). Or something like that. The day has started, a day before what will be for most everyone a four day holiday (in the middle of a BART strike). What's to photograph?

Do you really think about photographs all the (fucking) time, or is this some kind of writer's gimmick?

Oh, we admit to being pretty laid back about the photographs. Yes, we carry a camera all the time and take pictures, but we don't let it get in the way of important stuff such as lunch and late afternoon napping.

Later. The usual time spent looking at the usual news sources on the web, the various social networks, climate blogs, news blogs and catching up on the important pundits: Prof. Krugman at the Times and Glenn Greenwald at the Guardian. It seems to keep me happy enough to return again and again.

A quick walk along the lake taking a picture or two just to get out into the air before it got really warm. Downtown later, maybe, just to get outside again. T-shirt weather at ten in the morning, but still nice enough to come home feeling refreshed. And ready for sleep.

Later still. A real nap. We'll just note the fact, they seem to come and go as they will without explaining whether is was because I'd not gotten enough sleep the night before or it was the current phase of the moon. No complaints. No choice in the matter I guess.

Ontrack was leaving a package outside the apartment house front door just as I was descending the stairs, no buzzing the apartment to let me know it had arrived. One day I'm going to lose one of these things when they do this, but evidently not today. Fine. Three Maigret novels and a box of photo paper. We are now set for the long weekend.

Another short walk along the lake taking one or two pictures, the oddly colored Mallard now sitting in his (or her) accustomed place where the male Black-Crowned Night Heron was standing in the earlier picture taken this morning.

Walking back along Grand this guy came whizzing by at a pretty good clip with what seemed absolute control over the basket/soccer ball. Caught me by surprise, but I took a series of pictures as he was rapidly receding. He must have spent many an hour practicing to gain this much control, but is there a sport you can play with a ball and a broom on a bicycle? Am I missing something everyone is familiar with and it's a common sport practiced my many?

Anyway, this has turned out to be an up energy day: all the trash taken out, some slight vacuuming in the living room (confirming the vacuum still works), now for a light late lunch/dinner. Still wresting with those three extra pounds - sitting at two as of this morning - over the target of one-sixty. Not much of a struggle, though, remembering the struggles of years gone by, me oh my.

Evening. Wednesday night pretty much a television disaster, so I watched something quite awful on Netflix, played guitar, watched a bit of Charlie Rose and then went to bed to start another Maigret. Still haven't made up my mind about Maigret, the books I've been reading so far were written in the very early thirties at the start of his career. The two remaining to read were written in the fifties so I'll be curious to see if the writing and the style have changed.

The photo up top was taken of the Dykes on Bikes at the San Francisco LGBT Pride parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.