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July 24, 2013

In My Own Bed
Wednesday. To bed at ten after downing a shot of Johnny Walker bought at the parlor car bar and then dozing off for an hour when the head started to become foggy after dinner at eight, up but once after midnight to hit the john, up then at seven as we were starting to close in on Oakland. You'd think that would be enough sleep, even if it was alcohol augmented sleep gotten on a moving train.

Found a cab pulling up at the station as I arrived and I was back home by nine to take another nap. An hour's nap. I'm thinking of taking another one later as the day is nice, yes, but the head is not doing all that well.

Spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon fixing one or two of the earlier entries and working on some of the photographs I took both at my sister's house in Portland and on the train. The pictures taken from the train were more just point the camera and shoot, skip applying any intelligence that might be needed in making the shot. Ah, well. We'll do better. One day. Next time.

Later. Another nap. Needed. Believe me. Can't say why. I did head out thinking I'd go by the morning café for lunch, but remembered I still had table grapes and cottage cheese in the refrigerator and I couldn't think of anything else I was willing to eat and so back to the apartment. We'll call it a really short walk.

UPS arrived with a Photoshop CC For Photographers how-to book and two more Maigret's I'd ordered online from Portland on Monday, realizing by ordering them while still in Portland they'd arrive today when I returned. Worked out, although the driver awakened me from my nap. The Photoshop book is eight hundred pages weighing a ton, but I'm thinking I really should go through this one (as opposed to browsing through it and then putting it up on the shelf next to the others similarly purchased over the years) as they've made some changes I suspect I should be aware of.

You won't, you know.

I'm not sure this time. I actually read the first few pages earlier without nodding out.

Evening. Nothing I'm willing to watch at six, but at least the head is moving into its somewhat clearer evening mode, the night if not the day coming together, maybe get a good night's sleep, but in my own bed.

The photo up top was taken playing bocce ball by Lake Oswego with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 50mm f/1.4 G Nikkor lens.