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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


July 25, 2013

A Good Week
Thursday. Back to a regular old morning here in Oakland: to bed before ten, up with the alarm at five forty-five. Well, maybe actually getting up at five forty-five is a little unusual, but we were happy to be home and just rolled out of bed without falling flat on the floor. Limber, you understand, ready for the day. Sorta.

The morning is overcast, not unusual, feels right. Off to breakfast to see gas prices had fallen four cents in my absence, so a picture of the new gas prices I was too lazy to follow while on the road. Back now, still overcast as it approaches nine, ready to do something today in addition to the naps. Feeling awake and ready to go, might as well savor it while it's there. Here.

Later. A short walk over to the lake, some geese over to the right out on the lawn as usual, but fewer in number as the moulting season is ending. A pelican, though, came paddling along the lake shore scooping up whatever he or she was after, one dive after another, and I was able to take a series of pictures. I'm not sure what constitutes a pelican diet, but I suspect its not all small fish looking at the stuff inside that pouch.

Anyway, a short walk that somehow turned into a morning of slam bang excitement. A flier posted by some poor soul who's had his bicycle stolen, a stripped bicycle sitting abandoned by the white columned pergola and two women doing their exercises nearby. Another day along the lake in the heartbeat city of Oakland.

Home then to take a hour's nap. Nice, felt good, actually got in a short stretch of sleep. I guess the days will now consist, for however many we may be given, of a nap or two in the mornings and afternoons, the naps setting the schedule. Better than dealing with the vampire rats that will leap out the subconscious, ruining any appetite you may have had for dinner. Or photography. I've heard.

Later still. A nice clear headed walk to the usual place for lunch (a hamburger, ice cream and lemonade) out under the sun at a table, walking along the lake as I did this morning, this time with three pelicans trolling the bottom like little vacuum cleaners. They seem to swim down to the white column pergola and then turn right around to return over the same route without missing a beat as it's evidently a veritable pelican buffet along this section of the lake.

Anyway, the walk and the lunch were unusual for how clear the head and how well the day was progressing. Nice. I passed by these three ladies playing together and singing on the way to lunch and then again on the way back. They're quite good, way beyond anything I'm able to do with a guitar. I like the sound of the ukulele, have often thought of getting one.

Might be better if you learned to play the guitar first.

That's been my defense - learn to play - but it may be crumbling.

Evening. Another Swedish detective episode, the new one that started last week and it proved to be at least interesting. He's screwed up, but the story line understands he's screwed up and so, when he does dumb this or dumb that, it has consequences. At least it seems to have sucked me into watching it. So much for my career as a critic.

The head is good, I got in some decent guitar practice and, although there doesn't seem to be anything on worth watching right now - the main PBS station is raising money again - there's still more guitar to play and I'm determined to have a good week. Diddle-dee-deek.

The photo up top was taken after dinner along Lake Oswego after playing bocce ball with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 50mm f/1.4 G Nikkor lens.