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July 27, 2013

The Beating
Saturday. To bed by ten, up some forty-five minutes after the alarm on another overcast morning, off to breakfast and back in the usual routine. The J-Pop Festival in Japantown today and tomorrow, though, so we have plenty to keep us busy.

Busy? Is it necessary to keep “us” busy?

Starting now, with a nap.

Later. A long afternoon. Some aches and pains, low level stuff, but back now from J-Pop still in one piece.

I wasn't expecting it to be overcast in San Francisco when I arrived before noon, but it was. Nice light for photographs for all that, so a walk up and down what was right from the beginning a fairly crowded street, the crowd around the main stage large and, through the afternoon, larger still.

I'm not really familiar with the J-Pop acts and contests, something called a vocaloid contest was going on where a dancer in costume dances an original routine to a recorded song, some younger guys among the spectators dancing along with them. Whatever this scene is - fashion, music, films, dancing, anime and whatever - it has its passionate followers. Fine by me, they lead to interesting pictures.

Lunch at the Korean restaurant I've eaten at during past festivals - the woman behind the counter actually remembering me - a lunch that included a small (two serving) bottle of sake, which I didn't quite finish. Taking unnecessary chances should have been my thought or, more accurately, why are you taking chances out there alone taking pictures in the middle of San Francisco with the day started, but more yet to shoot?

Turned out OK, but I suspect I was playing with smoke, if not fire.

Back home now to work on the pictures. I'm thinking I have two sections of twenty-one each from the day's shooting, but I'm never sure until I've finished. I plan to attend tomorrow, see if I can't make it more. Unless I'm too tired or the earthquake hits or I oversleep or something. If an excuse is needed we can always come up with something.

You're getting a little spacey here.

I'll look this over tomorrow. I am tired, but so far happy with the photographs, one or two seem quite good. I'm more than happy with “quite good”, something I've learned to appreciate with experience. Hard to catch, these fleeting looks I seem to be after.

Evening. It looks as if they're repeating the French detective series all over again they've been running these last many weeks at six, so nothing on TV. I need to get in my guitar practice, keep up the beat. The beating. Hup.

The photo up top was taken of a shop window along Broadway with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.