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July 28, 2013

Pictures Later
Sunday. To bed late getting sucked into Get Shorty last night on TV, realizing at about the mid-point that I really wanted to get to bed instead and so turned in before eleven. Don't remember when I got to sleep, but I didn't awake until nearly nine and got back from breakfast at ten. Not good?

Well, I'd thought of blowing off breakfast and ducking out on J-Pop, but the hell with it. We'll get in our guitar practice, breakfast and a second run at J-Pop and put off finishing the pictures until they're finished, a day or two late won't make a difference. No need to skip an opportunity to take pictures when we can always find time to do the processing, photo opportunities don't come along as often as I'd like in this less than perfect world. Right? Hup?

Later. OK, we were fighting it, but the idea was to pack the cameras and drive downtown and park near BART to walk the short distance required to photograph any progress on this new Latham Square Pedestrian Center at the end of Telegraph and, finding myself right there next to the BART station entrance, maybe it would be easy to just, you know, convince myself to enter.

Which I did and I did. The train had pulled in and was waiting as I descended on the elevator down to the tracks, the doors open, the car crowded. Off to catch the 38 Geary bus on Broadway and on to J-Pop, not quite the crowd they'd had yesterday, but people enough. Overcast, of course, as it was yesterday, but nice light.

Pictures - I think I may have gotten enough for another two sections, although we'll know more about that later - a brief fifteen minute respite after about an hour to have frozen yogurt inside an open area in one of the buildings, a surprise in finding a picture I rather liked while just sitting and eating at a table. Good. Back outside to continue the shoot. Hup!

I'd have to say, although I fought quite a bit harder today than I did yesterday, the actual trip and shooting themselves went better, no aches or pains when I got home, all the while feeling magnanimous toward the world and all of Mankind.

And Womankind.

And who do you think turned up in most of my pictures?

Evening. Another repeat Annika Bengtzon (intrepid Swedish reporter), so tune the guitar and play along without needing to read the subtitles watching, well, something. We'll process pictures later.

The photo up top was taken yesterday afternoon at J-Pop with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.