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Here In Oakland

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July 7, 2018


Saturday. Lights out well before ten to awaken then in the middle of the night and not get back to sleep for what I was thinking was something like an hour, but then awakening at a quarter to six this morning feeling OK. For first thing in the morning, anyway.

Took the blood pressure - 111/77 - and so skipped taking the blood pressure med this morning, as I'd also skipped taking it last night. New territory here, but maybe we can get this sorted out.

Bright sun while walking, they're saying the temperatures into the eighties today, higher than they were yesterday. OK, warm while walking, no watering eyes, spying the first juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron I've seen in a while. Ordered the two strips of bacon, scrambled eggs, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee breakfast and read Saturday's skimpier papers more quickly than I normally might. Warmer out there now.

The usual walk home, taking one and then another picture along the sidewalk, the second one in better focus. Not the best camera for focus, let along fast focus, this Nikon V1. More Lime scooters along the lake before arriving here at the apartment well before nine. My, my. Finished yesterday's entry and took another blood pressure reading: 107/74. Wouldn't need the meds at all if it would stay in that range.

Again, they're saying a hot day ahead. Should be lots of people at the lake and at the farmers market. Maybe stick my nose out the door, see what's up.

Good luck.

Later. At ten-ten this morning: 96/70.

At eleven-twenty this morning: 119/74.

At twelve-fifteen this afternoon: 127/76.

At one-ten this afternoon: 102/70 after having taken the ocular migraine med (with the advertised blood pressure usages) at twelve-fifteen. Hmm. 102/70 is about the floor of where we want to see it.

A walk over to the lake, passing by this when I arrived. At least the rider wasn't floating under with it. On to the farmers market, passing the Women in Black for the first time in some time, and then on to the ice cream shop where I had two scoops in a cup: Mango and Green Tea. So far, so good. The head a bit fuzzy, but better. At least that was what I was telling myself.

Watched sections of the World Cup match between Russia and Croatia to include the shootout at the end where Croatia won. I have no idea what the rules are that lead to a “shootout” or how they determined the winner, but they did. Shows what I know about soccer.

Evening. At eight-fifteen this evening: 127/74. Nothing on television and so to bed early. An interesting day, some pictures, a mile or so walk on top of the walk to breakfast and so we can mark that up on the good side of the ledger. We'll see what the blood pressure reads in the morning.

The San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade taken with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.