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Here In Oakland

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July 8, 2018


Sunday. Lights out relatively early before ten to awaken at a quarter to six to get up and take the blood pressure: 97/70. A bit of a surprise. Dawdled along, ending up driving to breakfast under an overcast sky at just after six-forty to then wait for all of two or three minutes before the usual kitchen worker arrived on his bike.

A good start, ordered the Eggs Benedict, country potatoes and coffee for breakfast while wading through the papers, leaving to drive home at nine in bright sunlight. I'd been thinking of driving by the supermarket yesterday, but no thought to do so this morning. Nothing I've run out of, but it would have been nice to have one or two items on had for this coming week. But again, no desire to shop.

The blood pressure was 105/72 when I got home. I'd taken the so-called ocular migraine blood pressure drug the doctor had said didn't work for blood pressure reduction, but worked for ocular migraines, when I got up this morning and so have no idea where this blood pressure business is going to go, but it obviously has my attention and so I'm sure I'll blather on about it here for more than a while.

Later. Not as warm as yesterday, but still t-shirt weather and so a short walk over to the lake to take another picture of the submerged bike (it's clearly been there for some time) and ended up taking but one or two others before heading back home. Otherwise watched the golf tournament on channel five. Pretty exciting stuff for a Sunday afternoon I'd say. Oh, and the blood pressure was 123/71 at one-thirty this afternoon, 118/75 at three-thirty. Just a little bit higher than I'd like, but still OK if it holds.

Evening. Nothing on television and so started a Korean thing on the tablet that looked somewhat interesting, although it wore me out with too many angst ridden scenes that seem to be a part of the Korean story telling culture and so bailed and probably won't go back to see if it gets any better as the plot develops. Could just be me, of course, might not offend others, soapy crying scenes.

Took the blood pressure again at nine o'clock and it came in at 138/84 and so took the usual blood pressure dose. The beating proceeds.

The San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade taken with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.