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Telegraph Avenue Fair, September 1997.
July 13th, 1999

Enough Cat Food?
I leave for Seattle Thursday morning, so I'd better think about what I'm going to take with me on the trip. I'll update my journal Artist at Telegraph Avenue Fair, 1997. on the road as I did last December when I visited my sister's family in Portland and I hope to apply a couple of lessons I learned such as bringing my ISP ID and password. Not only is it saved in a login script that I can't decipher on my desktop at home, but DSL doesn't require me to dial into my ISP at all anymore so I'd better test the setup tonight on a company laptop that I'll be taking with me and make necessary changes. Now you know what happened on my first dial-in attempt in Portland sitting at my sister's kitchen table getting an incorrect password message. I'll need to load PhotoShop, HomeSite, Fireworks, CuteFTP and Forté email and probably some other stuff I haven't thought about yet and will probably forget (the digital camera software, gotta remember the digital camera software!). The unencumbered traveller. Life is tough.

I've been cruising these last few months, aware of my surroundings, but not paying all that much attention to detail. Maybe that's just the way I'm put together, don't worry about it, there's lots of folks out there just like me who make it through life in one piece. Well, who mostly make it through life in one piece if you don't get too picky about what you mean by "make it through" and "piece(s)". I think about this. I write about it, probably too often.

I have the feeling that I live in a very small cube, wall here, wall over there and that's all I know about, while outside there are supercharged others who have experienced life in dimensions more in line with light years and spinning galaxies. Not really envy, just the thought, you know, that there's a button or a window or a little Alice in Wonderland rabbit door that I've missed that opens out onto, well, something that would jack me up and blast me off my butt running if and when I hit the ground. Packing boxes for my move a year ahead of time, for example, instead of sitting around thinking about it, arranging plane tickets with side trips to Montana (a quick go round the Badlands taking core samples for my second PhD thesis), listening to "up 'n at 'em" audio tapes on the plane taking notes in three different languages, packing maybe three lifetimes of experience into one seven day vacation.

Yeah, I think about that a bit and then I realize, as I realized this evening, that I can test the laptop from work tomorrow and pack my suitcase in the evening, since I don't have to leave the house until nine in the morning, so I can kick back now and put my feet up for the rest of the evening. I'd better get the software CD's put together into a pile, of course, since I'll be loading them over the network tomorrow at work, not having a CD unit in the laptop itself. And, let's see, I'm supposed to take a group picture tomorrow, since my manager is leaving and we want to have a memento to send with her, so I'd better remember the tripods for the camera and strobes and there's that scanner part I promised to pick up at CompUSA on my way in and ..., well, maybe you understand, perhaps, why I like the train, 24 hours to remember all the things I forgot to do before I left. I wonder if there's enough cat food?

The photographs were taken at a Telegraph Avenue Fair in September, 1997.