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Gay Pride Parage, San Francisco.
July 14th, 1999

Time To Pack
A short entry this evening as I have to pack for the plane tomorrow to Seattle. Once there, I have no obligations other than to attend the family party on Sunday and catch the train back to San Francisco Tuesday morning. I believe I can manage.

I listed the software I needed to bring to the office yesterday for the laptop I'm taking on the trip and the camera gear for the group photograph with our soon to be ex-manager who is leaving the company Friday. I remembered everything except the laptop. Yes, yes, life in the slow lane. I live twelve minutes from work and returning to pick it up was no problem, but I need to connect to my ISP tonight to be sure it works. I'm going to make an image of everything on the hard drive when I return and put it on a CD so I don't have to do this again. I have no idea where my copy of CuteFTP is anymore and I was lucky that all the serial numbers were taped to the outside of the jewel cases.

We had a going away lunch for our manager at the Peoney Restaurant located on the second level of the Chinese Cultural Center (very good Dim Sum) and then we returned to the office and shot the group pictures, one of which we'll choose for the picture frame (signed around the edges, engraved metal plate, swell actual wood construction, wrapped in rather electric paper) that we gave to her at lunch. Hope to hell they turn out. (Yes, we had someone else point and shoot so I'm in the picture too.)

I'm tired and this is just running on without purpose. Time to pack.

The banner photograph was taken at the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco