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June 3, 2013

Early, I Think
Monday. To bed just after nine, as I'd thought I might last night, up with the alarm. Definitely needed the alarm, although once out of bed, the rest went like clockwork. Felt good, feel good now, the day bright and looking nice, now that we've returned from breakfast. We'll see. The clinkers generally come after the morning lie down in bed (which is more accurate than calling it a “nap”). If there are clinkers in store we'll know by the next paragraph.

Later. No nap, but a walk over to the lake to do the usual little loop down to the white pergola and back, sitting for a while on a bench to watch the people doing odd looking exercises (I'm sure they were state of the art) and absorb some sun. Feeling pretty good.

A bus was coming as I was walking back, so a bus downtown to sit in the City Center over a cup of coffee and again, watch the show ebb and flow. Not all that many people, but some, as it was close to lunch.

A walk then along Broadway to look at the new installation at the Uptown Art Park across from the Fox theater, a picture or two to take a picture or two. This one I hadn't really looked at closely, it had seemed at a distance to be a black irregularly surfaced column with nothing that stood out. Up closer, however, I realized you could see through it, your distance from the column increasing or decreasing the size of the image. Interesting. A surprise.

A walk over to Broadway to catch a bus arriving just as I arrived, on to the morning restaurant for ice cream and a lemonade. Yes, our diet is hopeless and I've still got most of those three pounds I gained over my target yet to lose. But we're working on it.

Home now to play some guitar to get ready for the lesson tomorrow and, well, chill. Not thoughts of this or that, the sinuses behaving, the head clear. We'll leave it at that.

No clinkers.

No clinkers.

It still doesn't seem like a whole lot of excitement. Coffee in the City Center. A picture or two of an art exhibit.

Having the sinuses and the ocular messiness behave is excitement enough. And what it is you don't understand about taking photographs?

Evening. An early dinner (spaghetti with red clam sauce, what else?) feeling a bit tired, a bit something, so to bed to see if I couldn't get in a quick nap at four-thirty, up then again by six. Awoke in another place, in another world that looked like ours, but wasn't. Clearly wasn't. This lasted for another half an hour until things seemed to glue themselves back together and I was up at six-thirty. My, my. Definitely a clinker.

I assume it was another of the whatever these ocular things I've been having this last year - Has it been more than a year? I think it has. - quite a few of them though lately, this afternoon's a variation on the theme. I suspect I should at some point call my neurologist who told me to indeed call if things got interesting when we put off our next appointment for a full year. Then again we'll see how these go for the rest of the month. At least I'll have a record of how many and when.

Best to bed early, I think.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.