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June 25, 2013

When We'll Know
Tuesday. I figured out how to watch Netflix on the iPad in bed, so we got to sleep late again last night. We'll stop talking about getting to bed at nine or ten or when and just take a nap if needed the next day. As in today.

Up with the alarm without too much effort, off in the rain to breakfast and back. They're saying this is the last day for the storm and, since we need the rain, we'll leave it at that. The guitar lesson later this afternoon, so we'll have time for one more practice session before we leave and that should be it for the day (along with a nap).

Later. A look out the window, no rain (I think, could just be very light), so out the door and over to the lake for a short (soon to become shorter) walk. A picture or two of the geese just as the rain started. OK. Camera into the plastic bag, back to the apartment hanging the wet jacket on a hanger on a door knob. Not a day for being out.

Later still. My guitar teacher obviously did something terrible in a former life to have to put up with teaching students like me, deedle-dee-dee. I thought I'd eat lunch at the morning restaurant before heading up the hill for the lesson, so I packed the guitar into the car and left early. All went well until I arrived and realized I'd forgotten the lesson book and the music. I'd packed a battery in the guitar case that had been charging, zipped it up and didn't have a clue I'd fogotten to add the music. Not a good sign? Probably not a good sign.

Anyway, we went through the song without the music, learning I was supposed to be playing it using barre chords rather than major chords. Doesn't matter if you know the difference, let's just say the fingering is very different. No barre chords I haven't played many times before, but then again, nothing that I'd practiced for the lesson.

Another “not a good sign”?

I can fashion a fairly solid excuse unless it's true he'd explained I should use barre chords when he assigned the song and I'd forgotten. Which could have happened considering how easy it had been to forget packing the music.

But home now, the news running in the background saying the evil doers have been busy during my absence.

Evening. A Maigret I haven't seen before. The usual improbable, but interesting, series of questions leading to the finding of the killer (couple, in this case). Only some of which I was able to follow as I was sitting there watching in a bit of a daze. Doesn't matter. I usually don't try too hard to figure out where the clues are leading, not sure you're supposed to in these Maigret mysteries.

To bed pretty quick. We'll leave the when to the morning “when” we'll know. Ho, ho.

The photo up top was taken at Frank Ogawa Plaza Sunday morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.