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June 26, 2013

Later At Night
Wednesday. Tired all day yesterday, tired when I went to bed just before nine, up half an hour after the alarm to head out to breakfast and back on a sunny morning. You'd think that would be enough sleep, but I took a nap for an hour or more when I got back and now, after ten, I'm ready for the day to start.

Later. A slow morning, but finally a walk over to the lake. Started out in a long sleeved shirt and a light jacket only to immediately turn around to shed the shirt and jacket. Even with just the t-shirt it was overly warm, the humidity and lack of wind the problem.

I found this lady as I was coming around a bend at the white columned pergola and took a couple of pictures. A little luck and a 135mm lens and your morning is made, so back to the apartment to balance hunger with high humidity and wait for them to come together with a plan for lunch. Downtown? We're not in phase with the downtown, similarly at the moment with the morning café which wouldn't be a problem if I weren't also feeling the same way about every other place I've been at the moment.

Another nap?

No, we're done with naps for the while, the head is a little clearer, the tiredness thing turning antsy and about to leave for the while/day. Hey. We'll see. It's just a matter of letting some time go by and I'll get stir crazy enough to head out into the void world.

Later still. Hi, ho. On to the morning restaurant we (finally) go for lunch: a scone, ice cream and lemonade. I wonder if you can really live on ice cream and lemonade? I guess if I start to feel defensive I can always stop talking about it.

Back to the apartment to walk along the lake and take a picture or two. We've got lots of geese now, some half dozen egrets and the usual set of gulls and cormorants, otherwise the lake is quite empty. Still two or three resident pelicans that stay the year around, but the time to see lots of species of birds is during the spring and fall migrations. How long have I lived here without being clear on the concept?

Still a bit tired. Maybe another nap before picking up the guitar. If we pick up the guitar.

Evening. Another migraine adventure, seems to have run its course, feeling better. Another too interesting day, though. Makes me wonder about driving up to Portland next month for the family party. Maybe take the train if there's still one of the small a bedroom roomettes available.

Nothing on television at six or seven. If we get lucky there won't be anything on at eight and I can go to bed (again) early.

I did get to thinking further about driving up to Portland. Amtrak roomettes are usually booked solid well ahead in the summers, so I went online, found they were still available and bought a ticket. No three days driving each way if I'm going to have these episodes as often as I've been having them lately. Feel pretty good right now, but it's taken the entire day as clarity and well being seem to act like book ends: clarity first thing in the morning and clarity later at night.

The photo up top was taken at Lake Merritt on Monday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.