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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


June 7, 2018


Thursday. Lights out after the six minute KQED ten o'clock news broadcast last night to awaken then at five minutes before six, just in time to listen to the five minute KPFA news on this overcast, but not overly cool day.

Again, lots of clouds and a little cold, but comfortable enough in the heavier winter coat, ordering the French toast with bananas and strawberries, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, while reading the usual albeit more often than not unpleasant stuff in the papers.

A two cent per gallon drop in the cost of regular and so a picture, another of the pandorea flower skeleton still holding forth in front of the restaurant and then a walk on to take a couple of pictures, this time of flowers below the Lakeside school, their flowering plants better cared for than those in front of my morning restaurant. Either that or they don't take such a beating being right next to the sidewalk traffic and folks eating lunch on the other side out at the tables. But I'm afraid we wander here.

The Lime scooters were lined up again, whoever collects and charges them evidently placing them here by the lake after I've passed the area as I'm walking to breakfast. They've had lots of press in the business sections since they arrived, all three papers to include the N.Y. Times with articles about them this morning.

Nothing on the schedule for later, although I'm still stewing on my lack of gumption in getting out walking. Too many stories in papers, magazine and in AARP mailings telling us we need to exercise or our brain (and body) will more quickly turn down their lights. Dark brains and bodies tend to limit our ability to take pictures.

You're babbling.

Blame it on the couch potato brain, it takes most of the heat on this stuff.

Later. Ended up converting and then posting the HereInOakland sex worker sections to artandlife and then going on to work on the May Day sections, finding more work there than I was expecting. Still, it's the last group that still needs to be processed and, although I still have a fair amount of work to do on it, made progress.

The sun came out in the early afternoon and so I didn't head out the door, not even to peek at the nearby constructions site. So maybe we'll just put a sock in it. Not stop anguishing (sort of anguishing) over the exercise we're putting off, but stop writing about it.

Something you've said now too many times to count.

Evening. Watched D.C.I. Banks episodes until eight to then get up and see what the episode of Endeavour was about, one it turns out I've seen before and didn't need to see it again and so back to bed. Lights out finally at ten. I think, writing this as I am tomorrow morning.

Saturday at the Oakland Sex Workers Protest taken with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.