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Here In Oakland

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March 5, 2013

Strange Proposition
Tuesday. To bed after nine, up having turned off the alarm and dawdling for a while until six-thirty, off to breakfast and back on a cloudy morning. Haven't checked the weather forecast yet, so maybe the sun will come out later. It would be nice if it did. Here in Oakland.

More work on the article that's due in final form in another two days as I had some clarity come to me last night on how it should be finished. Odd how fuzzy the brain when sitting down to write something like this, certainly more so than when I was younger. Or is the brain becoming more clever in finding ways to procrastinate? Could it be I'm getting smarter and the brain more clever in erecting barriers? Could be. In Oz, maybe, sitting here near the city of Oz, the place they say sits at the end of the rainbow.

Maybe rest your little head for a while, pick it up later when you've regained some sense of coherence.

Later. Sunny, but cold. Cold in a brisk wind coming off the bay. I'd bumped into a bus heading out and so rode to the morning café for lunch, but sitting out on the patio (grilled cheese sandwich, ice cream and lemonade) found it to be too cold to continue and finished the lemonade at a table inside. The walk back was basically a grit your teeth head into the wind affair, don't worry about looking for pictures, how do those three idiots up in front of me make it in just shirt sleeves and no coat? More excitement than we usually get this early on a Tuesday afternoon.

Later still. A good session on that photography article, it's finally beginning to make some sense. Sense is always good, let me tell you. Writing it down makes you think more clearly and deeply. How long have I been taking photographs? It's taken me some time in this last week to even step up to the subject, more time than I would have guessed. Each half baked thought led to another half baked thought and continued to stumble forward with little or no progress. Nice to finally get some relief.

Evening. Ah, a Maigret I haven't seen before, I totally don't recognize the beginning. I was thinking I'd make it a point after watching this one to remember the ending as I'm sure I'll have another chance in a couple of months when they run it again. And then I started recognizing the characters. I have seen the damned thing. But we'll see. I've made it a point to consciously say I'll remember the ending and, if they play it again, I'll see if I do. I won't watch it all the way through, though, as almost all of the characters are creeps. I will remember that, I was struck by the creep factor when I recognized it for what it was this evening.

The usual sinus-upper palate ache at the moment, but otherwise the evening goes well. Maybe I've finally gotten the blood pressure meds straightened out. Maybe not. We'll soon know.

Some thought to have a shot of Jack Daniels to ease the sinus ache, but opted instead for another dose of pain meds. The two together would be all that more potent, but I really haven't thought about taking a drink since the last one some weeks ago and the thought this evening was just that: a thought rather than an urge. Life remains a strange proposition.

The photo up top was taken of the Cormorant nests along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 300mm f 4.0 Nikkor lens and 1.4x tele converter.