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March 6, 2013

Unplanned For Evening
Wednesday. To bed when? Well, early, as there was nothing on television. Last night is not all that long ago that I shouldn't remember when I went to bed. I would think. Up with the alarm and off and back from breakfast on a dark cloud, the sun breaking through, morning. It rained last night and they're saying there's a chance of rain today, but we'll see. We have a chance for some sun, I'd think, so we remain hopeful. Hup.

More work on the photography article, but we're close to finished. Unless I get a second (or fifth, we've been dragging this out for a while now) wind. Some pictures today, maybe? More time on the guitar? The attitude is good, no reason not to coddle it along.

Later. Not as cold as it was yesterday and less wind, so a walk over to the Lakeshore ATM to get outside the apartment, heading along the lake to see whatever it was that had been flushed down through the underground streams that feed into this end of the lake with last night's storm. I don't know what it is, don't think I want to know.

It's early, got back just after ten, no thought to get anything to eat, still no thought of anything that would bring me downtown or farther on to Jack London Square where there are a couple of old square rigged sailing ships on display. Photographs of sailing ships aren't near to being candids in my book, but they do have charm. Maybe later. Harder to be lured out the door when most every place you think to go serves food and you aren't all that hungry anymore.

Later still. Lunch, this time, a walk to the usual place to have a grilled cheese sandwich, potato salad and coffee. I'd forgotten they made such good potato salad.

Otherwise a walk to the café and then a walk back to the apartment, taking but one or two pictures and even then having to force the issue. Too many trips along the same path (he said for the hundredth time, working on a thousand), maybe we'll do better with spring.

And when it's spring?

We'll go a roaming. Drive across a bridge, even. Something way radical.

Evening. An unexpected and unplanned for evening.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2006 Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR Nikkor lens.