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March 10, 2013

Do That Twice
Sunday. To bed at eleven, setting the clock ahead to twelve, don't know when I got to sleep. Up with the alarm without issue, even with all of six hours sleep. To breakfast and back feeling both clear headed and energetic. As I did yesterday before a late morning crash.

Yesterday's entry was an incomprehensible mess when I first looked at it this morning, the product of an up and down day, as all days lately seem to be up and down days. Last night was interesting in that I could look back at two separate periods, one late in the morning, one late in the afternoon, when the head not only hadn't been clear, but sent me to bed. Black and white. Will today play the same way?

I continue to ask questions. Could it be something as simple as food allergies? Yes, the ocular migraines, the cutting out now of alcohol, MSG and sharp cheddar cheese. A problem known to the doctors, the solution in changing the diet. Seems to have helped, yet we have days like yesterday, some part of which you're humming along at the clear headed age of about 25, another part of which you're bumming along with the brain tethered to a string. What are we missing? What slow headed drivel are we scribbling?

You're upset?

I'm pissed. Might be a good sign. Might at last get me off my duff, get me to do something about it.

But tomorrow.

Well, yes.

Later. One in the afternoon, daylight time, after a walk along the lake to sit at one of the benches and watch a couple dance in synchronization to a small portable floor standing music tape-CD-MP3 player. What do you call one of these things anymore? I assume it played CD's, but it could just as easily have been MP3's: a box with an amp, a speaker and an iPhone jack. Anyway, they'd clearly been practicing and they were good.

But no pictures?

Not the right background, not the right angle, not the right photographer with the needed ounce of gumption.

Still clear headed, though. I did lie down and listen to the radio, thinking I hadn't gotten much sleep last night, but somehow I wasn't tired, no fuzzy head, no odd taste in the mouth. Good. But wary. Short term memory loss blurs the recent past: was that just yesterday, yes it was, but was it a repeat from the day before or was it the day before that? An advantage in some ways, this memory thing, but not with this. Yesterday, the day before, it does run together.

And you run on. You could just check the journal, read what you've been complaining about saying.

Well, we're obviously watching. No thought to go downtown, to hop a bus to anywhere interesting, but again, clear headed, maybe play guitar and look at those 2006 Dykes on Bikes pictures. Their artandlife sections need work, new titles, many of the pictures need reprocessing. Something to look forward to, keeps me engaged.

Later still. Some suspicion, as I set out for lunch, I might be creeping toward the edge of something similar to yesterday's dry mouth adventure, but it was no more than just that: a suspicion. Ice cream and lemonade at the usual place, the day really nice, the temperature in the high sixties. A walk back, taking my time, stopping to sit for a while in Splash Pad Park and then on to sit on a bench by the lake, taking but one picture in the entire trip.

So, clear headed through the day, hey. Cross our fingers, knock on wood.

Evening. Still the clear head, still the good attitude. Hup. I'm starting to like this. The writing's still fuzzy, but it might clear up.

For someone who was involved in the wine industry in Napa in the first half of the 80's, I haven't warmed quite yet to a new series that's started on Sunday nights at six about an amateur detective who's also a French wine expert. So I skipped it this evening to watch a Korean series that also runs on weekends. All the Korean series seem to revolve around what I assume is a changing Korean patriarchal family structure done in the form of a soap and not something I'd have admitted to watching when I was young. Embarrassing, you know. It seems embarrassment is less threatening as you grow older and allows you to pick out things you otherwise wouldn't have caught.

That's good?

Something I wish I'd learned a whole lot sooner.

To bed early, we'll see how a second night off Daylight Savings plays out. I really haven't been tired today, even with what I guess was about five or six hours of sleep last night. Don't want to do that twice.

The photo up top was taken over by Lake Merritt today with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.