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Here In Oakland

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March 11, 2013

This Day Started
Monday. To bed before ten to awake just before the alarm, but then drifting off to sleep again for another forty-five minutes. Still, up easily enough, off to breakfast and back without a glitch (we have our breakfast routine down pretty solid), home now on another sunny morning. So far, so good. Feel pretty good. We'll leave it at that and hope nothing happens to bring it up later.

Nothing on the schedule, we'll look at the guitar again, take our walk. Thinking we'll do much more would be thinking too far outside our little box.

Later. A bus to the ATM on Broadway and then a walk the rest of the way downtown to the City Center, the air crisp under a bright sun. So far, so good. Reaching the City Center I sat at a table for a while, feeling some of the symptoms I'd experienced in the late morning yesterday, a bit of disorientation, some slight visual distortion.

Heading across Broadway as the light was about to change, realizing the bus was due in a minute or two, I broke into a trot. No big deal, no great exertion involved, but the slight visual distortions took another quantum step and I started experiencing some of the effects I've experienced in the past when I moved my field of vision, some parts of the image not quite making the transition. I'd kinda hoped we'd relegated that to the past.

A bus back home to lie down for more than an hour, getting up clear headed and thinking, OK, we'll head out for lunch. The mood OK, the day still clear, the temperature even better (having ditched the sweater before setting out), but again, as I approached the restaurant, just the start of similar symptoms. Just the beginning and they went away as I sat at a table out on the patio over a half turkey and Swiss sandwich, ice cream and lemonade.

A bus home, sitting now at the computer, the head back in its rightful place. Maybe we're just going to work around these things for the foreseeable future, we'll keep track and watch out during the mid to late mornings, stop jogging on crossing walks and stop fretting about it. Not the end of the world: make the necessary compromises and get on with this life.

Later still. Some futzing with the guitar, a nap, some work again on the 2006 Gay Pride photographs, otherwise a good finish to an afternoon. No more of the earlier visual fireworks and, I suspect, we're done with them for the day.

Evening. Nothing I wanted to watch at six, so more work on the Gay Pride photographs. I haven't really “started” the revision project yet, but I suspect we may just find we've fallen into it and the project, through a kind of end run, will be done before it's ever begun.


Well, yes, but certainly the sign of a decent mood. Not bad after the way this day started.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2006 Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR Nikkor lens.