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March 25, 2013

And Give Up
Monday. So much for getting to bed early. Well, getting to bed early every night, we're not giving up, we're simply dealing with the fact. Yes, I watched the French wine expert solve whatever case it was last night and got to bed closer to midnight than eleven. Awoke before the alarm, though, off to breakfast and back feeling fine enough for a morning. Such is life. Ten hours sleep one night and you're dragging, six and you're singing. Well, humming. Silently, but still on the beat, up and strumming. We are observing here, scratching our head, no complaints.

Back to salvage whatever it was I was writing yesterday, salvage to some degree, not totally revive. We do what we do, better to do better, but we're into our later innings, best to not stress our little self over things we're not going to fix or worry about. Or something like that. It's overcast now on a day the weather people are saying will be “partly cloudy”, when over the weekend they were saying clear and into the low seventies. Still, partly cloudy usually means sun by noon, let's not assume we won't see the sun today. Hey.

Later. A walk to the morning café for lunch: a grilled Swiss cheese sandwich, ice cream and coffee. Overcast and cold, just barely dressed for it. A walk back to take a nap and then to copy the Running Festival photographs to artandlife, the code changes required taking about an hour. Well, more. Two hours.

Some slight sun, but it's never really broken through the clouds, so an overcast day. After that nap I lay down again, feeling an oncoming dry mouth and slight ocular symptoms. Nothing much, but no reason not to lie down for a while and take care of it.

The grilled cheese sandwich? Foregoing cheddar for Swiss maybe not enough to dodge a bullet? What the hell, this is evidently going to go on forever, but we'll get radical and try a salad tomorrow. They say you need vegetables, why not go whole hog carrot? Whether any of this works or not, I'll at least end up eating what I've read is a real diet.

That seems unlikely.

Maybe, but I for one will believe it to be true and feel good about it. Carrots and such. I believe there've been some in the refrigerator now for months.

Later still. More time futzing around with the pictures this afternoon, none of them any worse or any better than the ones chosen for the web. Keeps me entertained but I suspect this is enough entertainment for an afternoon. I'm easily entertained. Guitar now maybe, get a leg up on the evening.

Evening. Skipped the Don Matteo at six and watched something equally ridiculous on the Korean channel, plunked along on the guitar and let the evening take care of itself. I had spaghetti with clam sauce for dinner (I just happened to have a number of cans in the cupboard) and developed a slight case of that old odd tasting mouth without any of the other symptoms an hour after.

Three meals today, three (very slight) sets of symptoms.

I've been thinking about that. Maybe I'm allergic to food, not just some foods, but all foods, no exceptions. Then again I've gone to the refrigerator and eaten a spoon or two of cottage cheese throughout the day. Cottage cheese. They say avoid cheese. Non fat cottage cheese is, well, the name does say cheese. We'll do our web research and, if nothing comes up, we'll just say the hell with it and give up. Hup.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Running Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.