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March 26, 2013

After The Fact
Tuesday. To bed at nine-fifteen. Good. How long did it take to get to sleep? Not sure. Never am. Might as well stop thinking about it. Still, awake just before the alarm, up with ease and out the door and back from breakfast. No complaints. It's overcast, but I have a hunch we will see the sun later, so we're going into this day feeling optimistic.

So optimistic I seem to have slipped the first two loads into the wash before I'd really asked myself if I was up for doing the laundry this morning. Just did it. The second and last two loads are now running downstairs, those first two in the drier and we are, it seems, on a roll. Too much excitement for a Tuesday before nine? You'd have to say.

Later. Laundry done, clothes folded and hung, the bed made, the socks sitting beside me in a hamper ready to be sorted and folded together into little balls. We keep our socks in a hamper. A box of socks.

A walk to lunch at the usual place, the sun out, the temperature just up into the lower end of the old coot habitable zone. A hamburger with a green side salad and a lemonade. Ate the salad, ate most of the hamburger, drank the lemonade. I said a salad for lunch, I didn't say I wouldn't augment it with what for these days is an unusual suspect. A light breakfast, a decent lunch, we'll see if any one of the symptoms comes along to haunt us in another hour.

I did check the web on cottage cheese, by the way. The one or two sites I found said it was OK, usually OK and not a problem like regular cheese and nothing like the evil sharp cheddar. So we'll continue to have a spoon full or two as the mood strikes, continue to buy it at the supermarket. One of the few things on the list of foods I'm willing to eat, somewhat odd that it should be so as I had no great fondness or antipathy toward it before the appetite was reshuffled.

I passed by this guy on the way as I was entering a cross walk, didn't see he'd closed his eyes until later when I opened the photograph. So a decent day, the sun is out and even the dogs are in agreement.

Later still. A similar period with the foul mouth. I say dry mouth, but it's not dry in the sense of not being wet, but, I don't know, odd tasting, letting you know something is off. Almost as if it's a bit swollen, irritated, unhappy with the world. With me. It. The state of the universe.

You do go on and on.

I guess. All of this from that jaw operation? The surgeon getting up into the sinus passages, opening them up so I could sleep at night? I guess. Something not normally done in conducting that operation. The mouth is off and the sinuses and upper gums are aching more than usual. Ah, well. An excuse to lie down again. We might as well get something out of it.

The sun has come out, the clouds, the high fog, whatever it was up there is gone. Clear sky. Nice. Out there. I'm in here, been out, don't need to go out again unless I for some reason get hungry for something that can be found nearby.

Sounds like your brain is winding down and making noises that sound like words, but don't make any sense.

One thing I can't blame on that operation. Not making sense is a skill I had well before I got up on that table and the lights went out.

Evening. A Maigret I think I've seen before, but this time I'm really not quite sure. Interesting. It may actually be one I haven't seen. So naturally I skipped out after thirty minutes to watch the next chapter of the Korean potboiler that runs on Monday and Tuesday nights to see how it continued, thinking I'd go back to catch the Maigret when it ran again at nine.

Which would keep you up until at least ten-thirty.

And I've been complaining/saying I don't want to stay up late other than every now and then, the more days the better between the now's and the then's. So we'll see. I procrastinate, but I'm not a flake. Not a complete flake.

All this around a good session on the guitar, though. A good couple of hours, anyway, the fingertips still stinging after the fact.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Running Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.