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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


March 24, 2020


Tuesday. Awoke at ten minutes to six after a decent night's sleep. Uneven in some ways, but long enough so we'll say decent. I'd decided to have breakfast at the morning café over the papers this morning and so took my time getting up, listening to the KPFA five minutes news before six and all of Democracy Now! before really stirring out of bed.

Out the door to walk to breakfast wearing a mask, one I had left over from the smoke filled air from the fires last year, finding very few people on the sidewalk and everyone making it a point to keep their distance.

Arrived at the restaurant just at eight to find it open. The dining area was blocked off, but they'd set up a small table at which I had breakfast over the papers, the single pork chop, scrambled eggs, country potatoes, toast and coffee. Interesting experience sitting there among the now stacked tables and chairs, the only person present.

Finished up just after nine, forgot to snap a finishing up picture in these different surroundings (not sure why I did that) and set out for home, taking four flower pictures along the way plus another one below the Lakeview school, a picture of a bicycle rider at the 580 Overpass light and the usual selfie in the apartment house lobby. A few more people on the sidewalk on the way home, albeit way fewer than before the virus.

Later. I'd gotten a letter last weekend from the Nielsen survey people asking if I'd take a consumer preferences survey and received a call from them today around noon. Took the survey. Took a while. What papers did I read? How often did the read them? Same with radio stations and online news sites. Which? When? The mornings? During the day? In the evenings? Again, took a fair amount of time to finish. They're sending me another survey in the mail along with ten dollars. Haven't done this before.

More time on the tablet, the usual news programs, skipped listening to Trump in his daily news performance, although the news casters are saying he backed off on his get everybody back to work again by Easter. Makes me wonder if he's secretly sniffing glue.

Evening. A decent day, the head at least pretending it's clear, to bed by eight, lights out by nine-thirty, to sleep whenever.

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon 1 V3 mounted with a 10-30mm f 3.5-5.6 Nikon 1 VR lens.