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May 5, 2010

So Good. I Think.
Wednesday. Breakfast done, good; the sun shining, good; FedEx delivering my PhotoShop upgrade later this morning, good; progress on Ms M.'s paragraphs, good; sitting here at the computer with Ms. Emmy snoozing on my lap. Well, that's good too, although I've fed her what seems to be the last can of cat food she's willing to eat, the many cans remaining, duplicates of cans she won't touch, stacked on top of the refrigerator. But what the hell, life would be boring without conflict, without turmoil, without a persnickety cat.

You're a cat freak?

I am someone who has a cat. We will leave it at that.

Later. An odd day. I took a short walk. Well, a long walk, but most of it was spent sitting on benches by and near the lake taking in the sun. The head relatively clear, the temperature quite nice with a light breeze. I made two attempts at the bus stop, waiting both times for about five to ten minutes, talking myself out of going downtown twice. My, my.

The pain meds arrived yesterday and I took them for the first time late this morning and then again this afternoon. Fuzzy head? I'm not sure, but the sinuses and the upper palate left on their own to ache are worse than having a fuzzy head, no comparison. An odd combination of symptoms at the moment combined with a reasonably good outlook and attitude.

PhotoShop CS5 arrived earlier this morning so I installed it without upgrading to Windows 7. Later, maybe, for Windows 7. Will I use it in ways more wonderful than the ways I've used CS4? I don't know. There are one or two features they've advertised that seem pretty cute, but I use PhotoShop so much I just buy the upgrades when they're announced. No apologies, although I don't like paying the bank when the credit card bill comes due.

I also use an Adobe program called Dreamweaver, basically as a text editor in writing HTML. This stuff here. For some reason I ordered the new Dreamweaver CS5 update too. I'm using CS3, have been for over three years, skipped CS4 without a second thought. What in the hell am I going to do with CS5 when it arrives? It does all kinds of clever stuff I'll never use. CS3 has all kinds of stuff I never use. It's open (of course) as I'm writing. There are little windows around the edges on the screen filled with links to “type faces, database bindings, files, assets, snippets and server behaviors”, not one of which I understand let alone need.

Now I could use this new Dreamweaver and I suspect I would use it if I were still working and maintaining a real web site but, when it comes to current online technology, this is not a real web site. It's a journal. It's a bit clunky. Well, it's a lot clunky looking at my hundred books list, but so what? This is the web. There are worse out there and they're having fun too.

You'd be better off with WordPress. Slick, clean, better than this.

Do you have any idea how many pages I'd have to convert to keep these archives intact?

Another sign you're in the middle of your afternoon fuzzy period? Talking about web editors? PhotoShop, maybe, there's a lot of photographs about. I guess.

We'll see. It's a mix. I finished my paragraphs for Ms M., they'll go out later. That's good. Took me many false starts, but once I had the idea it took no time at all. No excuse. On to the Seagull piece then, get it done over the coming week, get ahead of the curve. My move from Bank of America will be completed tomorrow, that's a good sign. Only took me maybe five times as long as it would have taken anyone else. Framing? I've been doing research. Let's see if I get to a frame supply store tomorrow. I think I might.

Oh, and a drive this morning after FedEx arrive to Animal Farm in Berkeley in an attempt to find a cat food Ms. Emmy might eat. Animal Farm has a very large selection, larger than the largest local supermarket, and they recommended different dry brands for “finicky cats”when I asked. Both of which I bought and brought home. And filled the two dry food dishes I had sitting on the floor with the new “finicky” food.

Ms. Emmy had been watching. I had no real hope she'd eat either one. She sniffed the first. She looked at the water dish. She sniffed the second. She stepped up to the second, curled her tail around her and sat down. A good sign. She ate from the second dish. I'm, what? Encouraged? We'll see. She's in the bedroom now curled up on the bed. If she were hungry she'd be here curled up on my lap, letting me know by her presence she's ready to eat. So good. I think.

The photograph was taken of a stop sign in Oakland yesterday with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor D lens at f 8 at 1/640th second, ISO 200.