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May 6, 2010

Than I Realized
Thursday. The day sunny, the temperature perfect as I left the café this morning, home now writing with Ms. Emmy sitting on my lap. Is she telling me she's hungry? Hard to say, she wasn't all that interested in eating when I got up this morning, but I can't see she's eaten all that much of this new food I've put out. But we'll see soon enough. One's cat does not let food sit on a back burner on life's big stove, not for a minute.

“Life's big stove”? Aren't you embarrassed?

Only a little, not enough to do anything about it.

I think a trip to a frame supply shop this morning. What I need is pretty clear: simple enough to pick out the required mats, easy enough, I think, to find a frame I like. A trial run or two may be in the works. Feels right. A good sign, let me tell you, after a year of putting this off. I sat over breakfast thinking I was seeing similar hints of progress this morning, but it's much too early to tell if they were more a product of the coffee than a return to an earlier time when energy and interest were in play. Every day. In May.

And when was that?

I was asking myself as I was writing. How long since? Energy and interest? Not sure I want an answer.

Later. A run to Berkeley to pick up mat board, see what mat board's all about. We'll let the choice of frames come later, returning with three pieces of 32" X 40" two-ply and three pieces of similarly sized four-ply in three different shades of white, thinking these were to test a number of different treatments, might as well have some color choice.

Later still. An hour's nap. Running out for mat board is perhaps more draining than I realized.

The photograph was taken of Bakesale Betty's at Broadway and Grand with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at f 8 at 1/160th second, ISO 200.