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May 7, 2010

Can It Be So?
Friday. I sometimes wonder if the high point of the day isn't when I finish breakfast and drive back home in the car, the head clear, the early morning air crisp, the sun bright. Not a good sign if I'm right. I'd say I'm not, there's generally a walk ahead and that usually turns out pretty well, sometimes the head is going south as I return to the apartment and remains through the afternoon, but then the evenings straighten up and the attitude is good by the time I get to bed before ten. Before ten? Well, that's the way it seems to have worked itself out, a schedule not too different than the one I kept when I was working, but it's hard to get up at six if you're not getting to bed early.

So let's see. I have the mat board sitting over on the table with the framing equipment. Just a matter now of printing a couple of photographs for framing. I'm thinking of keeping them to 16" x 20", but we'll see. The mat boards are 32" x 40", cut in quarters they're 16" x 20", but that's just mathematics. My thought was each photograph will determine its own size based on how it's cropped and what makes visual sense. Each framed print a one-off, in other words, just as the photographs themselves are one-off's if they're any good. Except, maybe, for this gallery display project. Maybe best they be all the same size.

You're asking me?

Well, we'll just do a few and see.

The laundry went into the wash as soon as I returned from breakfast, more for the fact I'm wearing my last clean pair of blue socks than any jolt of energy or enlightenment. Otherwise I'd have to wear a pair of brown socks tomorrow. A bit over the top? Doing the laundry to avoid a color clash that no one would otherwise notice? That I'd only think about in passing as I put them on? Probably. But these things indicate energy and interest of a sort, we'll assume it's a good sign.

Later. A walk to the Wells Fargo ATM to deposit a check from the BofA account, effectively leaving a balance equal to this month's fee due next week, an email Monday to BofA saying I'm gone. I still have a BofA credit card and I'll continue with it unless they want to start charging a fee. They're big on fees. How long has this transfer taken? We won't say, but too long, too many monthly fees for an account I've had since 1981. And Wells? They're one of the too big to fail banks, hands as dirty as any, nothing about them to recommend them except they have ATM's in the places I frequent. And they don't charge for checking. Progress of a low order, I guess, here in Oakland.

Later still. A bus downtown, a cup of coffee on the patio at Peet's, another cup of coffee sitting at a table in the City Center, more than enough coffee for a day was the thought. A walk then back by Bakesale Betty's before hopping on the bus. The head in a bit of a bubble, but a normal “the head in a bit of a bubble”, the bubble I suspect I'll be in for the rest of my life. Better than yesterday, let me tell you. Nothing in the way of pictures as I was walking, but that's the way of the world. Or the morning.

I mentioned moving the bank accounts this afternoon. I think I'll print two or three photographs and start the framing. And make an appointment with a neurologist. If we're looking at this month as a turning point, and I guess we are, I guess I am, we need to take care of loose ends. These little “hallucinatory” episodes are probably now a fixture of my universe, something I can live with if they don't become more common, but a look by a doctor makes sense in case they're something familiar (to doctors), a bullet that can be dodged. We'll see. How long have I been putting this off?

More than a month.

More than a month? Can it be so?

The photograph was taken yesterday by Lake Merritt with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with an 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor DX VR lens at f 9 at 1/125th second, ISO 200.