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May 11, 2010

Not Bad, Not Bad
Tuesday. Ah, sun. Clear sky, breakfast and the papers finished, a good day ahead. Not that this is anything new, of course, but we're coming off two days of rain (and sun) and, at our age, what with short term memory loss (and such), we're focused on what's left, the last twenty-four hours. Something like that. It just came out. A morning stream of consciousness revealing the quotidian of our existence. Exciting, isn't it?

Now, now.

Something different today. Maybe? Pick up that sake I was talking about yesterday. By the time evening arrived I'd lost interest. I've had the last two bottles of a Merlot (cheap, small, but quite drinkable) four pack sitting in the kitchen now for weeks, but it hasn't, for some reason, called out to me in its usual sweet tones. So we'll pick up sake and see if sake is more attractive. And it gives me a reason to park at Beverages & More, buy the sake and then walk through Jack London Square with a camera. See if they've had any more stores close and go out of business since I've been there last.

Oh, right! A haircut this morning at ten. I've been letting my hair grow now for three months, it badly needs a trim. It needs something. My hair grows straight out, thick as a brick and letting it grow out can be trying. Trying to brush it, trying to get the various spiky pieces to lie flat, trying not to look like a crazy old coot with a static electricity problem. As a young man in the seventies, just starting out in the corporate world, I used cans of hair spray to keep the hair tied down. No way I'd use it today, surprised when I used it then, but it brings back the fact I've always had the problem. Maybe a self portrait is in order, a before and after photograph, see what I'm talking about.

You've promised that picture without delivering now for those same three months.

Yes. You'd almost think I wasn't paying attention (to my promises). Rude, in most societies, not keeping promises.

Later. That was good. A minimal amount of cutting, took all of fifteen minutes, but a decent balancing of the now less tangled rug. Progress. Waiting outside at a table for my hair stylist to arrive, a photograph of the reflections in the restaurant window and then another of the same reflections in the windows of the hair salon next door. The idle shooting of an idle photographer. Nothing wrong with that. Most of my shooting is the idle shooting of an idle photographer. I'm a founding member of Idle Art. We'd give shows, but somehow we never seem to get around to them, buried as we are in idle and all.

I was wondering if the UV-IR filter I've been using on the two lenses I use most often don't shoot better color inside, but shoot less punchy color in a way I don't like when shooting outside. Some testing is in order. The color of the two reflections in the window photographs was taken with a lens mounted with a UV only filter, no infra-red. Could be I'm liking the color of the morning light and I'm being confused, but I had the same question when I was looking at the How Weird Street Faire photographs yesterday. A noticeable lack of contrast somehow. A question that could get me to actually make some tests. I know. Surprises me too.

Later still. A walk in the sun to the breakfast place with a stop by the lake to sit for a while thinking the head is clear, the day is bright, what to do, where to go? And then I thought, well, let's go by the breakfast place and sit at a table in the sun, no need to do anything particularly productive, just take it as it comes. Nice to see the head is clear here in the afternoon, no need to push, just, you know, go with the flow.

A walk back to the apartment stopping to sit in one of the chairs in Splash Pad Park (directly across from the Grand Lake theater) for a bit photographing two pigeons I thought courting, the male puffing up his neck feathers and scooting around the lady in a circle, the lady flying off to land but a dozen feet away. Go follow idiot, was my thought. Easy for me to say, sitting safely shooting pictures.

Back then to see the Dreamweaver update had arrived. Installed the program, set the preferences, typing away in it now. Looks exactly like my two versions old Dreamweaver that it's replaced, although I was expecting that. I'd say the same for PhotoShop, but that's because it's new. I've seen some of the new features in this latest PhotoShop version, some I'll definitely use. New features in Dreamweaver? We'll see. I may get under its cover, you never know. The thought I might learn more about HTML and its now numerous offshoots was a reason I used to buy the upgrade, knowing in my heart the thought “sounds good” was only half true. Doodle-dee-do. Maybe ten percent true. Five percent. At least five percent.

So, another morning, another afternoon, the news playing in the background now that it's after three, the evening ahead. Not bad, not bad.

The photograph was taken Sunday at the San Francisco 2010 How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens at f 5.6 at 1/1250th second, ISO 400.