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Here In Oakland

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May 4, 2013

Easily Disabused
Saturday. To bed again after eleven, having found and watched most of a movie on Netflix, this time on the computer. At least it was a break in the routine (if you don't count the now repeated late to bed routine that better not be in the making). Up with the alarm, slowly, but not all that slowly, the mornings usually pull themselves together once they get started. Another too warm for a day in May from the look of it, another high temperature record on the way.

But, a run to breakfast and back remembering to take (yet another) picture of the pandorea blossoms, home now to take a nap. The Cinco de Mayo festival at Dolores Park later around noon is the plan, giving me room for over an hour's sleep before I need to head out. I suspect I'll follow through on going, although I'm feeling ambivalent at the moment.

Later. Another one of my little conversations about whether I wanted to go over to the Mission district in San Francisco for the Cinco de Mayo Festival, the last two conversations like this one had kept me tethered to the apartment. All the while this argument was underway I was packing cameras and getting ready to set out on automatic pilot and found myself sitting on a bus heading for BART. I guess the choice had been made.

To BART and then an eight block walk from the 16th & Mission station to Dolores Park, passing through this alley. My, my. I took a bunch of pictures following along with a number of others who were documenting it on their camera phones. I'm pretty sure I walked through last year (the year before?) on Cinco de Mayo and had taken pictures (thinking, as I walked, I remembered some of the murals).

OK, an eight block walk to the park during the noon hour. Mission itself is more than a little funky, but the side streets are nice, many restaurants and sidewalk tables, all filled with people having lunch. Or breakfast. I forget this is San Francisco, high rent San Francisco, and the place was abuzz.

Maybe an hour, probably less, walking about shooting. A large stage near the street, tent vendors up above on the hill selling food, souvenirs, political causes and cell phones. Just like earlier Cinco de Mayos, but this time with more people.

You've only been to one other and you didn't really get any pictures then.

And I didn't get enough for an artandlife section today, unless you count the photos of the murals, which I don't. Can't. Still, a long interesting (and tiring) day, we'll spend the rest of it recovering and playing guitar.

Evening. Didn't want to watch the Vares at six, totally forgot House runs on Saturday nights and watched the end of a Netflix movie I'd started yesterday instead. Two days in the row now for Netflix.

It did finally occur to me I could watch House, watched it for an episode or two, but then gave up after the third long batch of advertisements interrupted one after another toward the end. It seems I'm easily disabused.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm
f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.