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May 5, 2013

Don't Ask
Sunday. To bed well before ten, up with the alarm with little effort, off to breakfast and back on an overcast humid but cool morning. The weather people say only a small chance of rain, but clouds and then maybe some sun. We'll see.

No guitar yesterday, so we're behind the curve. I think we'll try for two practice sessions today, the first this morning. I don't want to fall behind after taking two days off. Not the end of the world, but best to catch up sooner than later, keep the guilt level low.


Obvious from the way I talk about it. I guess it's the only set of deadlines I have now in this retired life, other than photographing the parades and festivals, guilt a way to keep me going. Interesting it comes from tapping into the painful side of old music lessons as a youngster. Guilt in not staying with the clarinet or the piano.

Later. A nap, perhaps in response to this morning's breakfast, having broken my plain waffle and sliced strawberry/banana routine with an evil pork chop, two fried eggs and three pieces of toast: the light weight, but still sinister funky pork chop revenge (FPCR). Up after perhpas a half hour to desultorily futz with pictures and think about taking a walk. No sign of life from the guitar so far, but its sitting there on its stand, watching.

But not glowering.

But not glowering.

Later still. A walk over to the lake under a cloudy sky, about the right temperature for wearing a long sleeved shirt, still no birds to be found on the lake. Not many gulls around either, although I could count a dozen geese in small groups on the grass. Maybe the lake (estuary) really is just a stopping place for migrating birds. Then again, maybe they're all holed up somewhere down the shore sitting on eggs and tending their gardens.

The Capoeira group was playing and dancing as I reached the white columns by the fountain and so a picture or two using the old 135mm f 2.0 lens, a lens I used extensively before Nikon introduced the first of its 70-200mm VR zooms. Forgot how nice a picture it can take. You're limited to its strengths and weaknesses - a fixed length telephoto, sometimes you have to back up rapidly to get the shot if you can get the shot - but when it's right, it's right.

Another walk later after returning to the apartment and taking another nap. Not sure why all the naps, maybe some part of it a reaction to going over to San Francisco yesterday and walking so much, but up enough to walk to the local convenience store for an ice cream cone for lunch. The only think I could convince myself to go out the door and get.

Could be just laziness and sloth.

Yes, but only part.

Evening. I'd seen the Swedish detective program at six, didn't remember anything about it other than a scene or two (I know, I know. I get carried away with this, but I still find it strange.) so I watched another Netflix movie instead. A radical change in the evening routine, this Netflix thing?

How's the guitar?

Don't ask.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm
f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.