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May 7, 2013

Forward To Morning
Tuesday. I will remember not to drink any more diet Coke in the evenings, not something I do anytime anymore, but I made the mistake last night. Which means I got to bed early enough, but it took way too long to drop off. I may have gotten to sleep, but boy-howdy was it a light sleep remembering all the times I looked up at the clock: ten, eleven, twelve, one, two. Doodle-dee-do.

Still, for all of that, up with the alarm without breaking an arm pulling myself out of bed, off to breakfast and back on what looks as if it might become a decent day. Overcast (but without any thunderstorms) yesterday, so maybe better today.

For all my protestations I own every lens I'll ever want to own, let alone use, I ordered another one this morning. Let's hope it's the last and sanity will soon return.


Later. A short walk along the lake and back, again no birds out on the lake, but stumbling across a Snowy Egret and farther along, a Mallard pair in what seems to be the Mallards' home territory next to the pergola entrance. I'm assuming they're the same ones - three? four? two males, two hens? - I've passed by, they're the only ones I ever see, but you never know.

Back to the apartment to futz with the pictures before setting out again for lunch, ice cream and a lemonade out on the patio at the usual place. No sign of dry mouth, as there was yesterday, no sign of anything other than reasonably good energy and attitude, so we'll say no more about it.

We'll pick up the guitar now (he said), start earlier than yesterday, as we still have much to do if we're going to catch up. Hup.

Evening. A Maigret I've seen before, probably more than once, but I had no idea how it would be resolved. Again, many upsides to this as long as I don't start forgetting other things such as my name or where I live. No other signs of memory loss, so let's just say it's good.

I restrung the guitar, probably more to delay practicing, but I've still gotten in quite a bit of time. It doesn't sound any better, really, although I haven't restrung it in a while. Should do it at least once a month, more often when I break a string. Diddle-dee-ding.

To bed early, I think, not sure there's anything on I want to watch at nine. Looking forward to morning.

The photo up top was taken in Clarion Alley in San Francisco's Mission District with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm
f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.