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May 8, 2013

Part Of The Woods
Wednesday. To bed before ten seemingly to sleep reasonably quickly, up with the alarm and out the door in good order on an overcast morning they say will remain an overcast day. Nice breakfast, they're almost always nice, feeling good, reading the paper, drinking coffee that sometimes reacts with the Niacin capsules they have me take in the early evenings and creates a red itchy rash that lasts some thirty minutes (as it did this morning), remembering to document the pandorea blossoms as I was leaving.

Sitting here after editing and posted yesterday's entry, I'm not sure what the day may hold. I'm up for something, I've had a noticeable up-tick in my picture taking interest lately, so maybe we'll do something more ambitious, no interest in a nap. How bout that?

Later. A bus downtown for no particular reason other than I was up for the trip. Marginally up for it, but marginally up is more than I can say I've been in these last few months. A bagel with cream cheese (playing with ocular fire) and coffee out at a table in front of the bagel shop, a walk then to the pharmacy to see what might be happening with the prescription I'd asked them to renew now some three weeks back.

Waiting in line, listening to the meandering conversation going on between the pharmacist and the person ahead of me who was being served, I finally gave up (without making any faces) and left, walking across the street to catch the bus. Just my being ornery, you can't go through life and survive if you get excited about a delay waiting in a line at the drop of a hat, but it had been an after thought going to the pharmacy in the first place and the prescription is one more optional than required (he said confidently).

Back now to listen to the news and futz around with photographs and the web sites and, well, tune the guitar and start the day's practicing. My never ending string of hup! hup! hups! to get my guitar in gear.

Hear, hear!

Evening. The current guitar exercise is coming together, together in the sense I've pretty much memorized it, not so much in I'm playing it with any skill. The difference between my timing and tone and the instructor's is, well, large. Far. Not comparable. But again, we make progress, we're a beginner, no one by me is keeping score.

I watched the Korean spy shoot 'em up and it does indeed seem to be but one long shoot 'em up. I suspect it isn't getting dumber with each and every chapter, it's just that I've been more than slow in becoming aware of the fact it's nothing more than that: gun fights between characters you don't like or care very much about as the story unfolds. Another chapter in the decades it seems to take in enlightening this particular old duff.

More guitar, one more Korean soap (because it's almost over and I admit to remaining curious) and then to bed. Pretty exciting stuff for the middle of a week in this part of the woods.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm
f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.