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May 9, 2013

Now After Eleven
Thursday. To bed close to ten, up this morning after turning off the alarm and sleeping in for another forty-five minutes, off to breakfast and back feeling pretty good. I was wondering yesterday if I'd gotten enough sleep the night before, but the day went well, not thought of a nap, eyes bright right up to the time I turned out the bedroom lamp. Maybe made up for it this morning.

Overcast out there, but the current feeling is it doesn't matter. Cameras take good pictures in this kind of light. Maybe take one or two. Pictures. See if I still can turn the trick.

I thought you said you could feel the photo interest building?

I can. I'm just urging it on, patting it nicely on the head. Good little photo interest, be good and eat your breakfast, grow well under cloulds and sun.

Later. The day has evolved into a sunny, albeit slightly cool day. A walk around noon over to the lake thinking maybe I'd have lunch, only to turn around and return to the apartment. Not hungry, no urge to walk. No pictures, either, but that's not worry yet.

An hour to futz with some photos not used from the How Weird Street Faire session. They might not know it, but their Faire is but a day long extravaganza done for me to take photographs. I appreciate all their effort and always pay full fare on the optional entrance fee.

Finally a walk to lunch (half a turkey sandwich, ice cream and coffee), a walk back to the apartment stopping to sit at one of the benches and take one or two pictures. Just a little cool for a long sleeve shirt in other than the direct sun. A bit of a breeze riffling the surface of the lake. Feels like San Francisco summer weather.

Evening. The six o'clock Korean spy drama has degenerated into a comic book tale designed for children under the age of ten, so I won't admit I watched the damned thing (all the while playing the guitar - give myself a pat on the back for that).

There's another Korean soap that follows it and I can see it's about to wind up as the really terrible things these people have been doing to one another are now being resolved and I'd be willing to bet that one and all will soon be forgiven. I suspect I could write one of these now knowing the formula, the problem would be in making the people nasty enough. You learn.

No Elementary tonight (although I'll stay up and check), so to bed at ten to be ready for my guitar lesson in the morning, even though I goofed off through the weekend. (please?)

Oh, I was wrong, a continuation of last week's episode, so there is a new one. To bed now after eleven.

The photo up top was taken walking along Grand heading for lunch yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 135mm
f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.