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May 11, 2013

Really Work At It
Saturday. Up a bit late, having forgotten to set the alarm, but there are only two papers delivered on Saturdays, so I got to breakfast and back without having to feed the meter. Success before eight in the morning, a good sign.

Yesterday's entry was a mess, took more time than I'd wanted to get it in better order, but not to the point of being happy about the result, giving up finally and just putting it up. Life is short, not worth wasting a good morning with worry. A nap now I think. Recharge the battery, get ready for the day, try the new lens again.

Later. A short nap and then a walk to the bus and on to the Broadway ATM, discovering they'd blocked off West Grand at Broadway and were setting up tents in the enclosed area preparing for a cute cat video festival of some kind to be held later this evening. Hmm. An opportunity for pictures at six.

A walk back along Grand until a bus came along to ride the rest of the way to the morning restaurant for ice cream and a lemonade. Lunch. A really nice day, really nice weather.

I was thinking as I was walking home. I haven't had any ocular symptoms now in some time. I'd been very good about posting them as they'd happened (as you may recall), but either the changed diet has kept them away or they were a passing phase (as the doctor had said when they appear later in life) and all that's left are these allergy symptoms I seem to be dealing with. Allergy symptoms as in the slight vertigo I was experiencing as I was walking, vertigo with the sinuses acting iffy, making me think they were one and the same thing. Still, true or no, better allergies than the ocular crap.

Later still. Another short nap to recharge, up to take the new lens over to the lake. Still very few birds, but I did find a Snowy Egret looking fishing just off the shore. He nabbed a small fish about three inches long, hesitated and then gulped it down all in one motion, but I was asleep at the camera and didn't catch it.

Similarly with this lady farther on by the white pergola, the first two pictures properly centered and in focus, but her backward fall a photographic mess, the critical action missed, the photos out of focus and out of frame. OK. We'll do better the next time.

Still. No photo of the egret with his fish, no follow through on the lady's “fall”. I'd guess it was done on purpose, probably a standard tight rope routine and not an accident in that she broke her fall with her back on the rope in a controlled way, bouncing up and then back with her legs ending by straddling the rope (which I missed) and successfully exiting in this last photograph.

Shoot to learn.

Learn to shoot.

Evening. Nothing on television. Watched another marginal Netflix movie all the way through and started another. I suspect I'll crap out on marginal Netflix movies pretty soon. Still, feel good, to bed early, up without setting the alarm. It will be a Sunday, after all, our one day of rest.

Retirement can be stressful.

Only if you really work at it.

The photo up top was taken on the sidewalk near the Grand Lake Theater with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.