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Here In Oakland

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May 12, 2013

Where It Will
Sunday. Up around six-thirty without the alarm, over to breakfast on a sunny going to be really nice day, a trip by the supermarket on the way back to pick up necessary, can't live without them, items. Spaghetti, for one. Almost out of spaghetti. I suspect if I ate any more spaghetti I'll start singing in Italian. Not very good Italian.

There must be something I'll be up for later, but we'll let that evolve. It will happen, even if it's only a short walk over to the lake to take a picture or two of the missing birds. Well, “missing”. They're probably all down in Acapulco living on Mexican sardines and Pita bread, no thought of returning until migration later in the fall.

I did read an interesting flier posted by the lake describing the goose population and why it grows so large at the end of this month through the middle of July. Moulting. They come to the lake to moult for reasons not explained. What is it about the lake that draws local area geese to moult? Can't be Pita bread or Mexican sardines.

Later. A bus ride downtown, the downtown pretty much empty. Nothing was open in the City Center, but the surrounding restaurants seemed to be doing a decent Mother's Day business, so I walked over to the Asian Cultural Center for an ice cream cone and then on to a small corner bakery for a piece of chocolate cream cheese pie. How's that for a lunch?

A bus back, a short walk along the lake before returning to the apartment to futz with some old photographs before picking up the guitar. Nice day, feel pretty good, but at somewhat, well, loose ends. No birds on the lake, although the geese have started to arrive. Can't see any “overt” moulting going on, but you can never tell when they'll start.

Later still. Another nap. Hmm. Felt good, no need to think about it. Naps. Good. We'll leave it at that.

More futzing with photographs, finding some I'd taken with the Nikon D2h, my first professional digital camera. The D2h takes a four megapixel picture, fine for web work, but not so fine if you want to seriously crop an image and make a really large print. I say that now, didn't seem to phase me then.

Spaghetti with clam sauce for dinner. I'd had a plain waffle with sliced strawberries and bananas, a small fruit bowl (orange slices, watermelon and cantaloupe) and coffee for breakfast. Yes I'm wondering if this can be called a diet. Breakfast, fine, not too much harm with that, but how much spaghetti can you consume before the body breaks?

Breaks as in contracting ocular migraines, double vision and a stuffed up nose?

Evening. Nice evening, not too warm, nothing on T.V., but that's hardly uncommon. Some time on the guitar. My guitar teacher canceled our coming Friday lesson so I've got to watch it to see I don't goof off. Play, old man, as if your good nature depended on it. Is that enough? I suspect we'd all go the extra mile for our good nature, would we not?

You've gone totally off the road.

Not unlike having a steering wheel pop loose in your hands, suddenly there's no connection to the front wheels. The vehicle just goes where it will.

The photo up top was taken by Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f 4.5 - f 5.6 VR Nikkor lens.