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May 15, 2013

Derail It
Wednesday. Chilly this morning, but another good looking day. Up just before the alarm to head off and back from breakfast, nothing on the schedule other than a walk to the lake to see if I can find those two Snowy Egrets again.

There's a flier posted inside the white column pergola explaining the nasty looking stuff floating on the lake is algae, very nutritious for the small fish and such who inhabit the lake. So I guess the various birds find it swell as well. The more small fish the better in bird land.

Every day we learn something new.


Later. I'm not happy with my setups and angles with these photographs, perhaps I was too much taken with finding nineteen goslings all in one place. Still, the first sighting of the year (other than the ducklings earlier), so no complaints. Good luck little goslings, we'll remember you as you are now, I suspect it will be hard to keep all of you safe.

Later still. A walk to lunch along the lake bringing a camera with the 135mm f 2.0 lens this time, thinking if I were to run into the goslings again I'd be close enough to use the 135 (over the 80-400) and wouldn't have to carry the larger lens. It would also allow me to compare images. How sharp was one versus the other? Am I relying on autofocus where manual focus would be better? I haven't asked that question in a very long time, they've fixed all the earlier autofocus problems, but today's pictures have been iffy.

I arrived just as the goslings and their keepers were emerging from the lake at the same place I'd found them this morning. My, my. Click, click. All nineteen.

Lunch was a scone, ice cream and lemonade. Just about right. The temperature has been cool to cold, the sky overcast, the wind nippy, so I didn't stop to sit by the lake, but walked through the white column pergola to stumble upon the goslings now swimming in the lake. My, my. Once again. More pictures.

It's now three in the afternoon, FedEx arrived while I was gone to leave more red clam spaghetti sauce (what else?) and so it's now only fair I tune and start in on the guitar. There's logic there somewhere, starting on the guitar this early, but it at least sounds good, feels right, the earth spinning comfortably on its axis.

Time to stop. Right now.


Evening. What I'm guessing is the next to last chapter of the Korean spy drama at quarter to seven. Yes, I'm still watching it, although I'm happy enough to see it wind up tomorrow night. Self image issues, you understand. Comic book stuff with atom bombs, mad spies, dead mothers (fathers, sisters, brothers and girl/boy friends) piling up like towels in a laundry.

Sounds like the usual stuff you find on television.

I have no idea of the usual stuff you might find on television. Not through any holier than thou sense of discernment, but simple dumb lack of cable and channels. I've more than enjoyed some of the cable series, made it a point to get them on DVD through Netflix, but my evenings are more a descent (a comfortable descent) into whatever it is I'm able to find on the various public and broadcast foreign specialty channels. Just saying. Not going to make any changes.

Otherwise some decent time on the guitar and to bed before ten. That's the plan and there's nothing I'm aware of coming up to derail it.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Grand near Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 85mm f 1.4G Nikkor lens.