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Here In Oakland

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May 16, 2013

Right? Right?
Thursday. Overcast with a very light rain, but up with the alarm and off to breakfast and back on a day the weather people say will pretty much remain the same. Maybe take care of an errand or two downtown. For all my hesitation and difficulty in getting my head around going downtown lately, I don't seem to have the problem if there's an errand to run. Doesn't have to be a sky will fall if it doesn't get done done today errand, just an errand, modestly legitimate. Best to know these things, a useful additional arrow in your quiver.

All these life and death decisions.

Indeed. Life seems to become more complex as we grow older.

Later. Another walk over to the lake with the long lens, taking my time this time looking for photos, turning left as usual to check out the white column pergola, but then doubling back to walk on beyond to the fenced in area of the bird sanctuary. Found the goslings as I was approaching the children's play area feeding on the grass, but only eighteen this time, one missing.

As I was taking more pictures of the goslings as I was returning from the sanctuary, I saw two women approaching with a small unleashed dog that suddenly darted toward the goslings and the four geese who were watching over them. The goslings immediately ran together into a tightly packed group between two of the adult geese, one of the other two remaining adults guarding a second group charging the dog head on and biting his (her) nose. Bang!

The dog turned and scooted back to its owner, not hurt, but quite surprised. It was a small dog, smaller than the adult goose, so all came to a good end. Still, had the dog been bigger, remembering that missing gosling.... Ah, well. It took them all of two seconds to get back to their feeding again, seemingly oblivious to their surroundings.

Later still. A walk in the early afternoon to the usual place for lunch - a banana, ice cream and lemonade out at a table - the sun shining intermittently through an overcast sky.

A walk back then by the pergola end of the lake. Remembering the flier I'd read saying the local area geese descended on Lake Merritt every June through the middle of July to moult, I realized this was what I'd been seeing all along with all the preening and wing flapping out on the water, something I've wondered about in the past. Moulting? I guess. Perhaps it goes more easily when you can splash about in the water, something much like scratching an itch, but what makes this lake better for moulting than whatever other water they're coming in from?

Evening. A two hour end of season Elementary tonight, starting at nine instead of ten, so we'll still be getting to bed at eleven. The last chapter of the Korean spy shoot 'em up will be starting at six forty-five. I think. We'll know if it's really the last chapter in less than an hour. Guitar in the interim. It's been tuned and now it's waiting to be played.

OK, it was the last chapter. I have to admit I have no idea why I've continued to watch it, it must appeal to the subconscious overriding the logical as it's weird in ways I find both confounding and interesting.

Nobody knows what you're talking about.

Thank goodness. I'd almost rather be revealed as a closet Lawrence Welk fan, keeping a stash of old Lawrence Welk DVD's hidden in his bedroom.

You're sure this was actually popular in Korea?

The title suggests it's a follow up to an original series. Maybe they run it locally here on television because they can pick it up cheap, a clunker the Korean producers are trying to squeeze out every last won dollar, as the series itself was a disaster when it was released in Korea.

Nobody, including you, know what you're talking about.

It's called writing yourself into a corner. Elementary coming up now at nine. No one would accuse me of diminished capacity for watching it now, right? Right?

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Dolores Park Cinco de Mayo Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.