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May 19, 2013

Time To Turn In
Sunday. To bed last night early, up well before the alarm would usually be set having (evidently) gotten more than enough sleep last night. Hmm. We spend a lot of time thinking about sleep, do we not? Is it really a problem any different than it was when I was young(er)? Maybe. A little. Gives me something to talk about first thing in the morning. Better than relating what I've been reading in the papers.

Another nice day. They're running the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco at the moment. I photographed it once long ago, but decided, since the first BART train of the morning arrives just as it's starting, it wasn't worth the effort.

I'm wrong about that. Yes, they start at eight, but they continue to have groups starting for (I believe) well over an hour, the front runner winners having finished, packed up and caught their planes back home by the time the last person crosses the starting line. (That's what they said in the paper this morning.) So not a very good excuse, I'd have to say, but it will do.

I generally feel pretty good first thing in the day, if it goes weird, it goes weird after a morning nap. We're yet to think of a nap so, for the moment, we'll think this is a day to check out say Jack London Square, drive, take it easy, see what's up. Not much on a Sunday morning, sensible people are still reading the papers over breakfast, but maybe that's what I find attractive.

Later. Lying down for a bit, a dry mouth, but that was it. A walk then over to the lake. Lots of walkers and runners, some kind of charity event going on, perhaps more than one from the number of different t-shirts I was seeing. A picture or two of a Great Egret out on/in the lake, no urge or thought to photograph any of the walker/runners.

A dog leg over to the 7-11 look-alike for diet Coke and a box of Good & Plenty. Not sure either one of them is good for a dry mouth, but I thought they might be at the time.

Another nap now. No thought to drive down to Jack London Square, whatever I may have said earlier. Been there too many times for the moment, I suspect. Too many times to too many places. There'll be a solution come along, just not sure when.

Later still. So the afternoon dribbles along. A short walk over to the lake again, one photograph, sitting a while at the white column pergola reading a sign that said today they were running free boat rentals, a walk back thinking about a bus downtown. Where would I go downtown? Downtown Oakland is pretty much deserted, nothing is open and ultimately depressing given the way I'm feeling now, so back to the apartment.

This grumbling is going on and on.

Just mid-May blahs. They'll pass. Blahs like these can come at any time, winter or summer. They don't seem to last very long, I'll feel better by evening, but they come, I mention them even giving myself the creeps. Well, not the creeps: more boring than creepy.

I did futz with a few additional photographs that didn't make it up in the Asian Heritage Celebration section on artandlife. Not good, not bad, shows I'm still suffering from my after the shoot uncertainty. Luck is needed in addition to an eye in any outing. Was I lucky or unlucky? Another sign of the blahs, pictures that won't step up and tell you how they played out.

A real photographer doesn't blame it on luck or his pictures.

Evening. Watched Moyers & Company in the late afternoon. Got me up and pacing the room. Well, almost up and pacing the room, what space I have to pace in the room. If I were starting out again I'd be tempted to get involved in something similar. Of course, going back, starting over, I'd have to know what I know now, carry forward my experience and prejudices, but if you're to fantasize about impossible things, you might as well fantasize all the way.

Another Irene Huss detective episode that I've seen before at six, knew I'd seen it from the first scene, have no idea how it turns out. Such is life. I may just watch it because it tends to keep me in a chair (in front of the T.V. reading the subtitles) practicing guitar.

It's nine. Time to turn in.

The photo up top was taken of a window reflection by Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f 4.5 - 5.6 VR Nikkor lens.